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  1. Ok then u have to....

    Ok then u have to use something called an Iframe or a frame.

    Put this where you want your page to apair:

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    No thats just a mistake

    No thats just a mistake - didnt se that though,
    thanks - anyway thats not what i wonder about
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    About flash-html background


    I'm just wondering how i place my flash best inside html.
    So It will be seen by most browsers and os's.
    Curently I'm using this:

  4. click the link man click the link

    what kind a question is that????

    opening a webpage inside a html page????
    Oh kay maybee u meen using a frame or an Iframe
    read about that!
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    - pasing them from a flashform?

    Hi I'm in Norway where we have these caracters whish just apare as strange symbols when i gett a mail from my flashform.
    They are past using an ASP sendmail script.
    I know it has somthing to do...
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    Everything works now!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Everything works now!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Thats just beautiful!!!!!!!!

    Thanks alot, really like youre tutorials!

    I'll post you a link when its out!!!!
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    Thanks that tutorial was really useful!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks that tutorial was really useful!!!!!!!!!!
    Up and going with external swf's that helped with the size!!!!
    Tried to use a preloader I had but that didnt work guess I have to find anotherone.
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    Loading external images or movies????


    Have finnished my portfolio showing off al my projects.
    But all together it more than 900 kb whitch i find too big.
    I have a menu and each button shovs a little movie (inctanse) where I have...
  10. Dont think this have to be that big

    Had a look at it despite the big size.
    Dident count hov many pictures you used but it shoul be possible to compress them alot more without ruining them.
  11. A tip is.........

    I have done somthing similar..... worked my head of with my portfolio and ended up in the end with a swf that was around 15 mb.
    I then found out making cd-rom was an exelent thing to do.
    Then I'm...
  12. Sorry but its way too big!!!!!

    Sure its fine but it more than 6 mb thats kind of a too long wait, sorry
  13. Thankyou

    thanks man now it worked !!
  14. Controlling a movieclip -gotoandplay a spesific frame in my mc?

    I have looked inside the userguide but I cant find anything about: Controlling a movieclip - gotoandplay a spesific frame in my mc?
    Is that possible????

    What i do is :
    on my button outside...
  15. Thank you but.....still it comes ontop of my masking?

    Thanks that helped but still i have problem with my masking - of cours i could probably just rezize it exactly to my masking size but it should be possible to get that working within the mask or?????
  16. duplicateMovieClip fine but not beneeth my mask?


    I am making snow and to make it loop I m trying to duplicate my movieclip.
    Which I do like this:

    then on the frame before...
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    Detection of flash


    I'm getting a bit worried thinking of the people without flash 5 plugin or flash 6 plugin that arent getting inside the site.


    We have ads on the tv and I really need a safe...
  18. Thank you

    Its renderd in the best quality from swift as a swf.
    I just find it hard to belive that that uses so many kb's
    But thats probably how it is.

    The thing is that the text are really small in size...
  19. Just adding smal mousover 3d text -and the size is BIIGGG

    Anyone have a tip on compressing 3d text for flash mx.
    having this 3d text (and its smal) rotating on mouseover (takes 45 frames.
    And the size is like 200 kb

    Is that how it is with 3d stuff or...
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    Controlling a timeline

    I'm new to actionscript!
    Have tryed to write an if else sentence but grrrrrr its hard when you are not into programming.

    My problem:
    I have a movieclip that runs as an intro to my movie....
  21. Truble with a film clip - help whats wrong??

    Hi or help

    Found this movieclip in here, and using it as a template for my menu.
    But I have added a feature to the marker - its a movieclip that fades out after a while.
    And that works fine as...
  22. Fixed it after 5 hours yesterday!

    But thanks anyway!!!
    Did the same thing
    Opened it in notepad and saved it with the utf-8 insted of the ansi.
    Writing this for u who strugle with the same.

    :mad: -to - :o - :mrpimp:
  23. æ Ø Å not showing in my swf

    Im using a menu template that comes with flash mx.
    Its using a xml file for the menu input.
    But when i change the menu text with my Norwegian text containing &aelig; &Oslash; &Aring;, they want...
  24. Thanks

    Thanks i will have a look around there, have tried with utf-16 and utf-8 but with no luck, anyway - still searching.

  25. Template in mx not compatible ...Å?

    Anyone know how to use &Aring; &oslash; &aelig; in the xml file template that comes with flash mx.
    Trying to name my menu item with a name containing &aelig; and i get an error.

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