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    Prioritise external JPEG loading?

    Hi Everyone... I have come across a common problem that I now have to try and find a solution for, as its becoming increasingly annoying!

    I create a lot of flash galleries with image viewers, that...
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    p.s - just to add the flashon function (its...

    p.s - just to add the flashon function (its basically a tween on alpha)

    function flashon(moviename) {
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    Loading multiple images at once

    Hey There,

    I am having problems loading 4 images at once into 4 different place holders. I am trying to simply load the jpg image, then when its finished loading, fade on:

  4. excellent this works great, and is just what I...

    excellent this works great, and is just what I was looking for... many thanks!
  5. Position Elements with Stage Co-ordinates when inside a MC

    Hi... I am trying to dynamically set position on certain movie clips, which is normally fine.

    However is it possible to set the position relative to the stage rather than the movie clip its in? So...
  6. works great!

    actually I have just re-checked.... and unfortunetly, the actionscript and exported scripts still load on the first scene ... which is a shame, that would have been an easy solution.......
  7. [MX04] Preloading your main swf file in a seperate file

    hey there :)

    Almost all of my flash files now use a lot of scripting and exported objects on the first frame of my main movie file, often resulting in a large weighted file on frame 1 i.e say...
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    Stop an FLV from buffering / downloading?


    I am trying to use actionscript to stop the FLV player loading the current movie.

    Basically I have a standard size player to play ordinary content, then a large HD player. When someone...
  9. After more thought I have 2 possibilites: 1....

    After more thought I have 2 possibilites:

    1. I wonder if its using some clever javascript to pass controls to the flash movie inside the doc? it seems more like a browser scroll than a flash...
  10. see the following screenshot...... the scrollbar...

    see the following screenshot...... the scrollbar on the right would make the list in the middle scroll..... yet the title, nav , and footer all remain in position:
  11. its a password protected site I am afraid so cant...

    its a password protected site I am afraid so cant really post a link.....

    to cut a long story short, the browser scroll bar is making a movie scroll inside a flash document independently.
  12. Browser Scrollbar scrolls content inside a flash doc?

    Hi there,

    I have just been using a site whereby the actual browser scrollbar was controlled by the flash window (it wasnt a fake scroll bar, it was the actual browser bar)

    Anyway, there was a...
  13. neither of the above were working, although I did...

    neither of the above were working, although I did use to do some debugging and it turns out, that the line at the top of myscript:

    <?php virtual('/Connections/dbsetup.php'); ?>

    was causing the...
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    I found the answer for anyone that needs...

    I found the answer for anyone that needs reference.........

    If you include an audio track to the embedded video, it downloads the whole content before playing, but just remove the audio and it...
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    Embedded video no longer streams?

    I am creating several section trasitions which basically consist of a quicktime file imported and embedded into an swf.

    I have 50% of the videos that will stream and play the video, yet 50% of...
  16. thanks that worked great, I wasnt specifying...

    thanks that worked great, I wasnt specifying either, so I guess by default it just sends the entire variable.

    I now just specify the variables in the send button, like:

    email = email_txt.text;...
  17. [F8] Variables without all the HTML formatting?

    Ok, I am going insane....... I have tried for nearly 2 hours and cant figure out what I am doing wrong here.

    All I want to do is send the contents of an input box to a php form, but at the moment...
  18. PHP die or exit doesnt produce any output?

    I am just learning php after deciding to leave the world of perl/cgi behind!

    So far all going good, but I cant seem to get die or exit working at all...... the page will just produce blank...
  19. that is perfect, just what the doctor ordered :)...

    that is perfect, just what the doctor ordered :)

    thanks heaps for this
  20. Defining variables from an XML file.....

    Hi There,

    I am currently stating each and every variable I retrieve via an xml document, like the following:

    _root.questionT = xmlNode.childNodes[i].childNodes[0].firstChild.nodeValue;...
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    Export classes to another frame but 1

    Hi There!

    I have 2 components I am using in a recent movie, just small things like a component that generates the date/time, an flv player and also an mp3 player, however becuase of preloading the...
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    Scroll if loaded JPEG doesnt fit target

    Hi there,

    Is it possible to read in the values of a jpeg once loaded into a target?

    I would like to have it scroll over 2 seconds if its bigger than the specified target area.

    I guess...
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    perfect, worked great, thanks a lot for taking...

    perfect, worked great, thanks a lot for taking the time to post ;)
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    Emptying a MC contents first?

    Hi There,

    Im using the fix below to load smoothed images to Flash 8 and use as a background for my flash movies..... however normally I can just load a bitmap to a certain target and it replaces...
  25. Button on top of a button... still retain the base button actions?

    Hi there.... is it possible to still use the rollover / rollout buttons when a underneath another button??

    I have been trying to have a slide in menu that basically slides away on rollout, but of...
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