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  1. How do I stop a flash animation in Director 8.5

    I have embedded a flash animation (flash 5) in a Director movie (director 8.5), but the flash animation seems to loop. Does anybody know how to stop it?
  2. Thanks for the help

    You are really the man of the day.
  3. How do I create a bigger scene for my animation.

    I have created an animation, but discovered that the scene is not high enough. I know how to resize it. When I resize my scene, I have a lot of empty space at the bottom which I want to use. But how...
  4. Can I embed a flash mx movie in a director presentation?

    Currently I am making an intro to a director 8.5 presentation. The problem is that the movie is made in flash mx. Is it possible to insert the flash movie into the presentation? How do I do it?
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