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  1. AlivePDF embedded font writeText calc. line height to match flash issue

    I'm using alivepdf's function writeText with embedded fonts but I'm having real trouble trying to get it to match the line height (or spacing between lines) proportionately from the view port in...
  2. how to get y coordinate of text baseline position?


    I'm trying to measure the y position of a single line text field, specifically at the baseline position, i.e where the bottom of the letters without tails like 'y' has sit. I guess I either...
  3. Using loader to to reload swf, can this cache variables/net connection info from swf


    I'm reloading a video player swf into my main swf using loader each time I want to change video files and intermittently it seems to be not refreshing all variable values within the swf.
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    Animate layer order problem...

    Hi, I have an image that I have made into a button so that I can run a movie clip which enlarges the image on mouse over. My only problem is that the layer that the button is on is behind other...
  5. filling shapes drawn with lines problem..PLEASE HELP!


    Baiscally when I draw a shape using lines and try to fill it with a colour nothing happens. I am not doing anything stupid like leaving gaps, the fill tool simply doesnt work, I am using flash...
  6. A couple of flash problems I would love help with!!!


    My website Is pretty much one flash swf in a html page but I want to intergrate a forum as a pop up html window with username and password text input boxes in the movie with variables passed to...
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