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  1. if...then problem! controlling movie clip playback?

    I have seven movie clips that need to crossfade with each other.
    When you press one button it tells one clip to fade from 0 to 100 alpha using frames, but the problem is to tell the currently...
  2. thanks for the help, but i had to go with...

    thanks for the help, but i had to go with something else. Time constraints suck. the project is due tomorrow.
    thanks anyway.
  3. _alpha fade using button command...version mx? help!!

    I am trying to use telltarget (and yes I know its deprecated) to fade in and out movieclips by the press of a button. NOT Working. here is an example of code.

    on (release) {
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    streaming video in Flash!!

    I need help with inserting streaming windows media into a flash movie.
    Any help is appreciated...
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    HELP!...Streaming video in flash MX

    :confused: This might sound like a dumb question, but I was wondering how to insert a streaming windows media file into flash using a button event. Any help is appreciated.
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