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  1. 'VideoPlayer.play()' throws 'VideoError: 1008' if used without 'FLVPlayback'

    For some reason calling play() on a VideoPlayer, unless first an FLVPlayback is declared and instantiated, yields the following error.

    VideoError: 1008: VideoPlayer.iNCManagerClass has...
  2. Resolved!

    Thank you for checking it out.
  3. SFWObject - What's With the Unwanted Padding?

    Using the (now) letest version of DeConcept's SWFObject, I'm trying to embed a banner on top of the nav bar. The problem is that with the exception of MS IE (how adorable) undesirable padding...
  4. Thank You Again

    Yeah, I'm familiar with the sprite sheet approach.
    Thank you again
    Oh, so you can style them indiv....
    now I get it.
  5. Thank you

    Thank you so much for the response. My friend told me that using text is marginally beneficial over images with appropriately named images ('home.jpg', ...'contact-us.jpg', etc) and alt tags.
  6. CSS List Navigation and Search Engine Optimization

    My understanding is that websites utilizing proper CSS list-based navigation are real search engine magnets. (Sorry, Flash:( ).
    Suppose the menu buttons using actual text for captions are...
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    n00b in need a specific CSS menu.

    Hi guys. Sorry if I got the wrong door.
    I'm not big on CSS so I need a link to a HTML/CSS menu template that would meet the following criteria:

    Horizontal CSS list based and not use tables.
  8. Flex Bulder 3 Syntax Coloring Question - Identifiers

    Is it possible to set the classes Number, MovieClip, BitmapData to be a certain color in Flex 3?
    I tried Window>Preferences>Flex>Editors>Syntax Coloring>ActionScript but the option is not available....
  9. [CS3][AS2]Mysterious Performance Issue

    ‘Sup, folx.
    Me and my friend have been struggling with a nasty memory leak/waste problem in flash.
    There’s a movie clip in the library that contains a bunch of functions. It basically loads an...
  10. Thank you

    Thanks for the response and forgive the lateness of my thanks.
  11. Is it at least possible to achieve via the...

    Is it at least possible to achieve via the BitmapData class?
  12. Alright, then how is one supposed to set the...

    Alright, then how is one supposed to set the registration point of the loaded bitmap. The idea is to programmatically achieve the effect you get when you manually convert a bitmap into a symbol and...
  13. At this point, let's not worry about knowing...

    At this point, let's not worry about knowing whether the movie has fully loaded or not. (Let's say I manually invoke the action by an onMouseDown event when I SEE that it has fully loaded).
    How do...
  14. [cs3|as2]Positioning loaded assets after loadMovie

    Hi, guys.
    This is probably a beaten subject but even after reading many post a couldn't understand how to go about it.
    After doing the following:
  15. [CS3|AS2]Ways to call functions and pass arguments

    Hi, guys.

    var fancyWord:String = new String("anthropomorphization");
    function traceWIHOUTargument()//does not accept arguments

  16. Uhm...

    I tried that before - didn't work. May I see an example, though?
  17. Fit table to browser window but only stretch the fisrt and the last coumns: How?

    Hi, guys.

    I need to have a table with its width stretched to fit the browser window; HOWEVER, I want ONLY the leftmost and the rightmost [e.g. the first and the last] columns to automatically...
  18. Tell me this, bigginge; what is the IM of your...

    Tell me this, bigginge; what is the IM of your choice, if any?
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    Perfect for sneaking!

    Perfect for sneaking!
  20. There! :)

    Alright, I got that part figured out for you. You will inevitably have further questions, so I'll try to be there as much as I can.:)
  21. Alright, mate. I'm working on the part to keep it...

    Alright, mate. I'm working on the part to keep it blue after it's been pressed. Give me a moment, please.
  22. Alright, how do I say this?

    Believe me; I tried really hard to help you out here. I adjusted the left frame size to the dimensions you indicated, as well as calculated the proportions of the images it contains, (with respect to...
  23. That's better! I'll look into it as soon as the...

    That's better! I'll look into it as soon as the download finishes. Don't let me keep you up though.
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    Haha! Oh, my...

    I'm pretty sure what you see there is nothing but mere FLV file of live footage of smoke in the background; well, either of that or [less likely] of pre-rendered CGI smoke but it doesn't matter....
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    More info, please

    Although the picture I get from your description is too vague to give you a solid comment, my guess is that you need to make it so that the command that changes the color is part of the function that...
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