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    Thanks for all the help. Sorry but I can't...

    Thanks for all the help.

    Sorry but I can't provide the swf or fla due as I'm creating the animation for a client. As I stated before, the text appears when I remove large elements, so I can't...
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    No it's not alpha = 0, or visible set to false. ...

    No it's not alpha = 0, or visible set to false. It's static & the dynamic is set to sans.
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    It's both static (title & copyright) & dynamic...

    It's both static (title & copyright) & dynamic (loader %age).

    As a test I tried the filled-in static text as dynamic but it didn't show either.

    Then as a test I removed all the largest elements...
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    Text not showing up in swf?

    The title & copyright text of my animation don't show up in the swf unless I break up the words to letters then to shapes. (This also occurs for the feedback of one of my games.) It's a 2.5 minute...
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    how to maintain high performance w/ CS4?

    Hi I'm running Flash CS4 on a laptop and find it gets sluggish. I find when I restart my computer, I can work at a good speed for a while, but eventually it becomes very laggy - why is this?

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    Too many tweens slowing me down?

    Hi Flash Kit

    I'm animating simple cartoony characters but when I reduce them to their parts (say 2 legs, 2 arms body head and e.g. the jumprope) and have them jumping rope or whatever, I'm...
  7. Is this a relatively simple conversion?

    Is there a tutorial anywhere for how to do this?

    or can you suggest keywords?

    When I search for JSFL convert AS1 AS3 or JSFL convert "ActionScript 1" "ActionScript 3" I only get this post!
  8. Searching but not familiar with JSFL

    Can JSFL

    convert a batch of FLAs to AS3 and Flash Player 9 AND publish all of them? (ideal)


    convert a batch of SWFs to AS3 and Flash Player 9 directly?
  9. DESPERATE -Are batch operations possible w/ CS3? Need 1800 FLAs published as AS3 SWFs

    The FLAs are static graphics currently set for Flash Player 6 & ActionScript 1.0. I need all of them set for Flash Player 9 & AS 3.0.

    Alternatively if I can convert the swfs published under the...
  10. is nesting lips that are synced recommended?

    Most lip sync tutorials have the lips on the main timeline. I want the character to move around without having to match the lips.

    Just curious if there's a reason besides simplicity. At first it...
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    The swf's are processed by another type of code. ...

    The swf's are processed by another type of code. I wish it were otherwise, but I'm the new kid here. It IS possible for me to persuade them to allow movie clips, if my argument is strong enough. ...
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    (His argument against is that is it may increase...

    (His argument against is that is it may increase time for those programming the structure. This might be true to some degree. That's why I need to show how it will handicap animation if indeed it...
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    why use movie clips at all?

    I animate short skits for a children's education game (rewards & stimulus). For example, a cat character will choose the toy robot that's green & if they're correct the green robot will light up...
  14. changing symbol size but maintaining a 3-point linewidth?

    I need to have symbols that change size via ActionScript maintain a 3-point linewidth. Is this possible? They are hand-drawn, somewhat complex symbols that can't be drawn in code.

    I could...
  15. free program to create VERY basic 3D environments?

    I'm an illustrator working on some interrelated interior scenes. I'd like to create a very simple 3D room as a guide.

    All it would need to do is create walls, boxes & columns, and be able to...
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    Oh yeah, knew it was ridiculously easy...

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    How do I add a line around a shape?

    I'm trying to draw a 'pipe' so I've drawn a thick line, then converted it to a shape. Now I need to add line to the shape (the perimeter).

    How is this possible?
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    [CS3] simulating a pull string?

    Making a toy that talks when the string is pulled. I'd like it to look as realistic as possible, so the string would have a bit of weight and even a little whipping action if possible as the string...
  19. Great lead.

    Thanks sticks
  20. Can anyone recommend a good image gallery that doesn't use Flash or JavaScript?

    This is for users without Flash or JavaScript (or those whom have Flash & JS disabled) viewing my online portfolio.
    Additionally, it would need to display test with each image. If it's third party,...
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    The distortion of a slowly moving image?

    The (jpeg) images on my portfolio site react to mouse movements, but their movement is very subtle. Unfortunately, not all of each image moves at the same time - more like the 1st and 3rd quarter of...
  22. sorry for not putting it more clearly...

    Do you know if it's possible to tab through the links WITHIN a Flash (in red) just like they were individual links or form fields, without first clicking on it/selecting it?
  23. Hopefully you can see what's amiss...

    Um, I found I can make it disappear by applying this class

    <style type="text/css">
    .noOutline {

    Added this to swfobject code:
    attributes.styleclass = "noOutline";
  24. tabs

    Can tab index make my buttons available to be tabbed through (on the "top level" if that makes sense)?

    Right now, users have to first click on the flash to tab through it, but obviously this is...
  25. gray, dotted line around SWF when clicked in Firefox?

    I've tried to incorporate Flash seamlessly into a website and the results are pretty clean, but when people actually click a button on the SWF, a grey dotted line appears around the sides of the...
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