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  1. perfect -- thanks!

    Ah ha, I see..."Change Handler" as opposed to "Event Listener". That was the big change in using components from Flash 6/7 to Flash 8.

    Thanks Dog!

  2. that's ok, thanks

    I've got a solution.

  3. [RESOLVED] Will pay $30 flat fee to help me finish coding a simple comboBox

    Subject: finish coding a simple Flash MX 2004 comboBox
    Time Frame: ASAP
    Price range: $30 flat fee/an actionscript pro familiar with MX 2004 components should be able to do this in 10 minutes, tops....
  4. coolio

    By jiggy that works Dog, thanks for the clarification. BUT...any idea why it will not work for the comboBox component from Flash 7? See the image:
  5. Anyone? Why won't my array loaded combobox take user to URL?

    OK, pretty basic stuff...combobox loads an array, then the user is directed to a set URL in the script. Did I code this wrong? The array is being loaded without problems but my getURL is not...
  6. i'll post an example shortly

    i'll put somethng up here; there is a site but it's my clients and he has to pay for each viewing (due to the bandwidth, videos played, etc) so it would be better if i post it on my server for...
  7. Helpful FLV script for those building portfolio sites

    :thumbsup: Howdy,

    Here's what could be a helpful script for those of you building a portfolio type of site using FLV.

    Let's say you have several clips; one of them is a commercial for Red Bull....
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    [F8] constraining a rotation

    howdy peeps,

    any idea of how to limit a rotation effect so that the object does not rotate beyong two set points? see the link here.

  9. [F8] AARRGGHH - sound object massive problem! i've tried to solve on my own - please help!

    Just wrapped up a job designing/scripting a client (filmmaker/editor) portfolio site. It was created using 3D tools, and utilizes alot of Flash video:


    I'm trying...
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    Filmmaker site - thoughts?

    Howdy y'all,

    Just wrapped up a job designing/scripting a client (filmmaker/editor) portfolio site. I'd like to hear your feedback. It was created using 3D tools, and utilizes alot of Flash video....
  11. I know when I was working with FLV's using the...

    I know when I was working with FLV's using the Influxis delivery service (www.influxis.com) I would enter something like this into the content path:
  12. i'm having a similar problem...

    ...with a Flash 8 w/streaming video site I'm developing; the vid clips play slow on my Dell Inspiron laptop w/a wireless dsl connection, as if at half speed, but play great on my hardwire dsl...
  13. dangit

    It's still not pulling off that function, Bolt. The contentPath names are correct, and I have it go to a blank frame at frame 2...nada.


  14. cool, thanks Bolt!

    cool, thanks Bolt!
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    yeah it seems that's the case, although Influxis...

    yeah it seems that's the case, although Influxis does allow you to add chat rooms, etc through one of their custom tools
  16. not working properly

    Hey Bolt,

    I can't seem to get that Netstream.Play.Stop code to work. I've uploaded my FLA to my server; would you take a look for a second please? It's here:

    FLV coding question example file
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    real quick question


    I'm trying to publish a script used in Flash 7 to Flash 8, and it's not being published without a warning popping up. Here's the warning:

    **Error** Scene=Scene 2, layer=mc, frame=1:Line...
  18. thanks!

    Sweet! I will try this out and let you know how it works. Thanks Bolt ;-)
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    low cost Flash media server options?

    Hey all ~

    Anyone know of some good options for serving up FLV content? I'm familiar with VitalStream, Akamai (who never return calls), and here's a cool one, but does anyone have suggestions for...
  20. please help! Actions for a non-embedded FLV

    Howdy ~

    I'm finishing up a filmmaker's portfolio website. There are two main elements, the master SWF (herein the "master SWF") and a number of sub-SWF's which are examples from the filmmakers...
  21. no difference

    thanks eveyln, but it didn't seem to make much of a difference.
  22. thanks

    nunomira, thanks for the suggestion. the php works fine; i used a simple html form to test it after making a couple of minor mods to the php (mostly server name info) and it worked fine. the flash,...
  23. HELP!!! breeze over this PHP/Flash code?

    Y'all ~

    My ******** are up against the wall. Why can't I get this dang login to recognize the username/password? The Flash works fan-frickin-tastic, it just doesn't seem to be sending the data and...
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    just go global

    that's what i've done!
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    thanks for your help Hum!

    thanks for your help Hum!
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