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  1. Re: Re: RE: Octothorp's comments

    Oh you Octothorp©! You got me. Unintentionally I'm sure, but got me did you nonetheless. BYW, I would like exclusive rights to the number 402©. I am willing to pay substantially over the market...
  2. RE: Octothorp's comments

    Yikes! Sounds like a good argument for copyrighted color schemes.

    This is begs a certain question which may be getting in to territory only a lawyer can (and maybe should) answer but, considering...
  3. Just a BTW: Johanns Itten, the most influential...

    Just a BTW: Johanns Itten, the most influential "colorists", claimed blue and orange to be the most spiritual of color combinations. I have found this to be true. Hopefully it doesn't become overused.
  4. No, I disagree. It's not all been done before....

    No, I disagree. It's not all been done before. There are infinite color combinations. If you are talking in the broadest of general terms of primary categories, yes. But keep in mind, the traditional...
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