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  1. [bump] Hasn't anyone ever created a movie that...


    Hasn't anyone ever created a movie that was rotated?

    As long as I can change the color of the movie being rotated, all is well. A secondary goal is click-testing, but as long as I can...
  2. 3d Globe rotation with 'addressable' countries... Where to start?

    Been doing Flash/AS since pre-MX days
    Very good .NET developer

    - A flash animation (movie) that has the countries comprising the Earth as separate movies, each 'on' a sphere...
  3. CHALLENGE: Get _lockroot to work on this movie!

    No access to server.fla ...I just lost it, but I know it was done in CS3. I'm using CS4 w/AS2, and I cannot get this movie to work with:

    The SWF file is here. The bar animation I wrote on the...
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    OK... I should make an addendum here... I know...

    OK... I should make an addendum here...

    I know I could (and possibly should) use a single or multiple fonts... But which font? Are there currency fonts that have nothing but a variety? I don't...
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    Currency Symbols needed...

    I have a gig to create a banner for a company doing Forex trading. That means I want to have a lot of currency/monetary symbols involved in a few animations.

    I can't seem to find a nice group of...
  6. I may have solved this... (All it takes is to...

    I may have solved this... (All it takes is to post to a group/forum)

    I changes all instances in Movie B (middle movie) of: _level0 to this

    Basically, ass I had suspected, converting my...
  7. Confusing... Relative vs. Absolute movie references in loadMovie() and loadClip()?!


    Movie_B.swf run on it's own loads all of it's .swf files fine.

    Movie A has:


    Movie_B does NOT show up, but it DOES kick out trace messages...
  8. How to stop() a mc loaded with createEmptyMovieClip()?

    Subject pretty much says it all...

    createEmptyMovieClip("container", this.getNextHighestDepth());

    ok... now how can I:

    a.) stop(); (or...
  9. toltec7, Small world! Thanks again for...


    Small world! Thanks again for writing.

    It doesn't need any manipulating, that is the issue. All that is out there talks about accessing variables and methods-I need none of that, but...
  10. toltec7, Thanks, but there is no solution. A...


    Thanks, but there is no solution. A flash file only needs one frame, so frame count is a poor way to determine if a file is done. In addition, a flash file can use labels and frame #s to...
  11. How to play (not access methods) a remote SWF with createEmptyMovieClip?

    2 hours of searching, and nothing. Everything talks about accessing methods & variables.


    - I have a local flash file that is loading .swf files from a local directory, and playing...
  12. [Stuck] can't loop through imported SWFs

    [I originally posted to AS3, before realizing that I had given up on AS3 after several hours... now trying to get AS2 to work]

    Flash 10, CS4, AS2

    Learned experts,

    Just upgraded to CS4, and I...
  13. I mis-spoke. I am using CS4, but dumbed my AS...

    I mis-spoke. I am using CS4, but dumbed my AS down to AS2. I figured it ould be easier...

    I don't mind going to AS3, as long as it works! :)

  14. [Stuck] How to load one movie after another from a movie clip?

    Learned experts,

    Just upgraded to CS4/AS3, and I can't figure out how to load one .swf after another, allowing each to be run once, and only once. I don't think I should have to alter the target...
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    get the name of the current scene

    Yes. I know there are work-arounds and hacks.

    I have searched for quite a while now and can't find an answer that actually works.

    Using flash 8 pro, AS2.0

    I've tried all kinds of apparently...
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