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  1. 3DFA.com server contact not working - use 3DFA2.com

    I need to get a new registration number but the website fails with a ASP CDONTS error when I submit the form. Then when I attempt to send an email to alert you about that the email form page fails...
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    For future information.... If I am interesting...

    For future information....

    If I am interesting in scripting in 3dfa then books on actionscript apply? Since actionscript is the language for swf it makes sense but I read in other responses that...
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    Small Script Question

    I have no idea where to start on scripting so I'll ask this question.

    I would like to pass a variable to a SWF file through the URL as in www.something.com/hi.swf?var=1

    Ok, actually...
  4. Ok, I added a IE command "other". I then...


    I added a IE command "other".

    I then added "parent.quotes.location.href="compare.html"" as the command.

    The second command appears to fail as nothing appears to happen.
  5. How to specify frame of URL opened by action?

    Currently the frame options are

    New Window
    Current Frame
    Parent Frame
    Top Frame

    But I would like to specify a particular frame to refresh. A frame name can be entered into the frame select...
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    Yes, both the "fill" and "line" options are being...

    Yes, both the "fill" and "line" options are being used for the text.

    The line option does have feathering set to 1. The text is created as a single object but I suspect your observations are...
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    Outlined text slow to render?

    I am currently trying to display 20-23 words of arial font with an outline color applied.

    I have noticed that since I have begun to use the outlining on large-ish amounts of text that the...
  8. You were correct..... You know, I thought I...

    You were correct.....

    You know, I thought I had changed that option.....

    If I use a MP3 encoder to encode below the 16b/s minimum and export the files in the SWF, will 3DFA have an issue?
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    Element View Order

    I hate to ask these types of questions because one would think its a simple task.

    I would like to explicitly control the view order in the movie. I want to control which element is on top when...
  10. link to page with problem

    Oh, to help out, I posted a link to the page that does not work.

  11. Sound OK locally but when FTP'd no sound on site


    New here and new with 3DFA. I have put together a SWF file with sound. I can open it in a web page locally and everything is as expected.

    I then take that exact HTML code and integrate it...
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