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  1. Convert scrolling background from AS2 to AS3

    Just getting back into flash development here and slowly learning AS3.
    I had a great effect on an old website of mine that I used often of a scrolling background that moved with your mouse.
    This is...
  2. Figured it out over the last couple of hours -...

    Figured it out over the last couple of hours - thanks anyway.
  3. [RESOLVED] Quick AS3 vertical movieclip Question

    So, I used to be fairly decent with Flash about 10 or so years ago - but man, things have really changed...
    Just currently messing around with AS3 for the first time - reading up and doing tutorials...
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    CS3 Help with redirecting to a Scene

    Okay, Im back and Im stumped...

    So, I have a scrolling Background Menu (Backgroundmain) with buttons on it, and I want to have these buttons redirect back to certain Frames on the first Scene (...
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    Hmmm........ Okay, so Im really REALLY not all...

    Okay, so Im really REALLY not all that good at this, so I dont really know where to enter this stuff at all...
    Ive built it all so that the three backs of the cards zoom in to the...
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    Oh Awesome, However!!! I already did an...

    Oh Awesome,
    I already did an animation for the cards using frames, so all I have left to do is a randomization for three images which will be in a new frame ( call it the cheap out way I...
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    [F8] Quick Question

    Im trying to make small sort of Card game for my website, and I want the have a button that you click that brings up three random cards (out of 20) on the screen.

    What would be the easiest way to...
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    [F8] Losing my mind!!

    Hope someone can help.
    I have a pretty simple flash website, but Im still having problems.
    I have it all set up perfectly, and when I preview it, its perfect...

    So, I publish it, then view the...
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