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    New episode of White House Rats!

    Here's the latest episode of White House Rats.

    You can see previous episodes at Toonex. Also, if you know Flash you can help us make the next episode. Toonex is an online collective where people...
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    "White House Rats" Ep. #4

    Here's the latest webisode of "White House Rats", my favorite so far. We've now got some new intro/outro music.

    The music was submitted to us at Toonex, an online animation collective. If you'd...
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    Online Animation Collective

    Just two weeks ago I launched Toonex, an online animation collective where writers, directors, animators, designers, composers and other creatives can go to collaborate on making animated films.
  4. Thanks!

    I'll try it.
  5. Scaling

    I want to change the scaling of the symbol without going back to the beginning of the symbol's timeline, which is what seems to happen when I add a keyframe.

    In other words, I want the main...
  6. Movie clip instead of a graphic

    Okay. And then?
  7. Can I keep timelines running concurrently?

    I've got some animation done within a graphic symbol. It's working fine.

    What I want to do is change the scaling of the symbol as a whole, without having the graphic symbol timeline go back to...
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