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  1. returning to a specific point on timeline

    I have a time line running with some action script that brings me to a page on the time line with information. How can I return to the previous page?
    what kind of Actionscript is needed etc......
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    can u help me again???

    I have a picture that I have changed into a button and when pressed it goes to another named frame. It has sounds and a border added so that when you rollover it, it will be highlighted by the...
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    Getting the cursor keys to work.....

    In a flash program how would I or what would I do so I could get the keys to work on different screens? i.e. to select different objects.

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    Changing the mouse Icon.....

    How would I be able to change the mouse ICon so it is bigger and so the mouse on the flash page uses this bigger Icon.
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    does that mean...

    say if i have info on a HTML page does that change to on
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    linking to Html page

    how do I link a button in my flash file to a HTML page??

  7. as soon as i...

    as soon as i sent the msg i got it working-
    just wondering now would you have an idea on how
    i could import this button or these layers into another project!!!
  8. thanks but....

    Thanks for that- otll be really helpful, but
    how do I put my own picture in so that it will get the
    highlighted border? sorry for bothering you.
  9. playing sound when I move to a different page?

    Was wondering how do I get flash to play a sound\music when I move from one frame to another-
    I have created a keyframe and named it "x" i then use the

    on (release) {
  10. thanks

    thats grand- thanking you.
  11. How do i link a button to a named frame?

    How do i link a button to a named frame? and does the frame have to be any place in particular or can i just create a keyframe so all I have is the background and I can link to this??
  12. highlight border only on the Over State.

    You put the picture in a button and have the highlight border only on the Over State.how do i do this to hight light the border of the picture??
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    how do i highlight border on the overstate??

    how do i highlight border on the overstate?? stoopod question i know...
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    when i have a picture how do I....

    when i have a picture how do I get the border around it to high light only when the mouse is on it and so I can get music to come on-only when the mouse is on this particular pic??? In a spot of...
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    when creating a scene how do I....

    when creating a scene how do I get the scene (when its playing) to stop so that it wont continue until someone clicks the mouse on the page (anywhere on the page) im having awful diffficulty with...
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