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    component bindings and scenes

    My data binding with components work fine, until I inserted another scene. Does anybody know why this happens?
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    I am having the same problems. Just wondering if...

    I am having the same problems. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestion for this?
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    Local vars versus Class vars

    Hey guys, if a function gets call alot of times, such as a collision detection function in a game, will it be quicker to run if the variables for the function are declared and initialised outside the...
  4. Haha, flinging cars at pedestrians. What a game!...

    Haha, flinging cars at pedestrians. What a game! Should be call "pesdestrian car bowling".
  5. 3D building

    The 3d building looks really cool. How does the wall skew to make it look 3D. I try to skew a bitmap but just can't do it in flash.
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    Number of Child in a movieclip

    Is the only way to know number childen a movieclip has is to use For..in statement?

    There is no function like .length in the array class?

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    multiple constuctors in as2

    I know multiple constructors are not allow in as2. So howcome the array class has more then one constructor?

    new Array() : Array
    new Array(length:Number) : Array
    new Array(element0, element1,...
  8. ok, I just wanted to know if I wasn't doing...

    ok, I just wanted to know if I wasn't doing something properly. Thanks
  9. Code completion for elements in array

    Does anyone know how to activate code completion for elements in an Array. For example

    var user:Object = new Object();
    var myArray:Array = new Array();
    myArray[0] = user;
    myArray[0]. // no...
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    Scenes and layers

    I have my flash file separated into different scenes. But I have common elements that I want through out the whole movie. Is there any easy way of having a common layer or something through all the...
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    Too easy, Thanks

    Too easy, Thanks
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    Code Hint

    If I got movie clip on the stage with an instance name. Then in my actionscript panel, I won't get any code hinting after I type my movie clip instance name in.

    Is there any way of declaring the...
  13. Thanks guys

    Thanks guys
  14. using geturl to call javascript alert don't work properly

    I have a button in flash linking to a html using getURL. But I want to pop up a alert window when the using click on the button. So I try something like this:

    function onclick() {
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    Have anybody find it annoying that by installing...

    Have anybody find it annoying that by installing flash player 7, you need to restart your computer?
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    fonts looks blocky when printed

    when printing from flash with antialiasing, the text looks really bad. When printing with device fonts, they look really blocky, not smooth. Is there a way to print text from flash that looks like...
  17. printing mulitple pages without knowing the actual number of pages before hand

    Does anybody know how to print multiple pages without knowing how many pages there are going to be?
  18. excellent. Thanks nunomira . You can do...

    excellent. Thanks nunomira . You can do anything with actionscript in MX. so cool.
  19. adjusting moveclip color with actionscript?

    Does anybody know if actionscript can be use for adjusting a moveclip color, such as it rgb. Or can actionscript be use for adding a tint?
  20. buttonClips = [clip1, clip2, clip3, clip4]; for...

    buttonClips = [clip1, clip2, clip3, clip4];
    for (i=0; i<buttonClips.length; i++)
    buttonClips[i].onRelease = function()
  21. onRelease don't run til when click on

    movieClip.onRelease = function doesn't seem to run until when you click on the movieclip during runtime. I attached onRelease function to a array of buttons within a loop. And I used the loop...
  22. Thanks for your help ceglia. DuplicateMovieClip...

    Thanks for your help ceglia. DuplicateMovieClip is a pretty good idea actually for my situation. I just want to load a few jpgs into the movie at the start, and later on I'll like to attach these...
  23. cool, it works, thanks guys. I was trying to do...

    cool, it works, thanks guys. I was trying to do with in on(release) function attached to the actually button, when I use this._name within that function, it just gave me level0, instead of the...
  24. dynamically attaching a movie to another movie

    Just wondering if there is a way to dynamically move a movieclipA into another movieclipB using actionscript, so movieclipA becomes a child of movieclipB. Similiar to what attachMovie does, but...
  25. getting a button's instance name in on(release)

    Just wondering if anybody know if there is a way of getting the button's instance name that was clicked inside the button's on(release) function. Similar to UI button where the component is pass to...
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