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  1. Ah, so it is like relative and absolute...

    Ah, so it is like relative and absolute positioning. That's what I thought. Thanks for the reply, I'll mess with my code till I get something functional.
  2. Can you give me a brief rundown of the difference...

    Can you give me a brief rundown of the difference between global and local space? As a 3D programmer I've never even heard of this concept,
  3. addChild preserving unwanted directional changes

    I have a player object, with an attached gun object. When I click, the gun fires, creating a projectile at the tip of the gun (known as the barrel in my code). The projectile is then added as a...
  4. Okay, that works, thanks.

    Okay, that works, thanks.
  5. [RESOLVED] Delete the first character in an item in an array

    How would I go about removing only the first character of an item in an array? All my items are strings, so for example I want to turn this:

    pseudo code:


    to this:
  6. I probably don't want to have to create a...

    I probably don't want to have to create a variable for every character, whether or not it is just 26 of them for just the uppercase alphabet I'm using. It seems like it would be a ton of code to...
  7. [RESOLVED] Limiting input text to unique characters

    I already know how to limit my input text to a number of characters, but how would I go about (if possible) making sure characters do not repeat? In other words, I have a ten character input text box...
  8. Thank you, works perfectly.

    Thank you, works perfectly.
  9. [RESOLVED] Controlling main timeline in a movie clip

    How would one on a specific frame inside a movie clip cause the main timeline to go to a certain frame label?

    I know how to use gotoandstop(), but i can't seem to find a working, correct syntax...
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    Huh, so that's weird, I assumed you'd have to...

    Huh, so that's weird, I assumed you'd have to convert it to a frame label, but using just a string works. I don't know WHY it works, but it does. XD Thanks.
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    [RESOLVED] Using Frame Labels as Variables

    I have a Flash project with several labeled frames. The user will be doing a lot of moving about those frames, so I wanted to simplify my navigational interface code-wise. There are six buttons, I...
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    [RESOLVED] Code causes mysterious lock-up

    I've got a button, based on how many times you've pressed it it displays a message. This is the code:

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    Resolved, I didn't put the 'this' before the...

    Resolved, I didn't put the 'this' before the listeners for the buttons.
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    [RESOLVED] AS3 Slide-show Not Progressing

    So the situation is this... I have a slide-show on one frame. There is a movieclip that loads the pictures, a back and a next button, and a movie clip that has a text field in it.

    The code looks...
  15. It says that it is expecting an argument in my...

    It says that it is expecting an argument in my functions. Both my functions are the functions for the button, so they look like this:

    function adminCheck(event:MouseEvent):void

    They're linked...
  16. [RESOLVED] How to make buttons count as keyboard event

    Hi there, I've recently started a project in Flash cs4 and I was trying to (for sake of ease) incorporate the use of the enter key as an alternative to pressing a submit button with the mouse. Now, I...
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