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    For the love of SPARTA!?

  2. Hey guys, I have the source file of everything I...

    Hey guys, I have the source file of everything I have done on the video chat website already which includes putting the video chat in place. So you can check it out if you like. Contact me
  3. My email is michaelnana@live.com

    My email is michaelnana@live.com
  4. In seek of a competent flash and php programmer!

    Hey there,
    I am seeking for a programmer good with flash and php especially who is free of any work and who is ready to give some time to a video chat website I have already started. I want an...
  5. Yeah sure you get paid!

    Yeah sure you get paid!
  6. Hi, I'm looking for a flash partner programmer to work on a video chat app!

    Hey there people,
    I have been working on the script of a video chat app and I have some done. I am planning on releasing a video chat app and I would like to partner up with a flash programmer(s) so...
  7. Hey guys, Looking for a flash programmer to build a video chat website!

    Hey guys,
    My friend and I are working on a video chat app, a bit similar to chatroulette and all the rest but with other different features. We are looking for someone good at flash to create the...
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