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  1. Can anyone create a 3D image of a credit card terminal?


    I really like the 3D looking credit card terminal in the following link and am wondering if anyone knows how to create something very similar to this (sleek, professional, etc.)?
  2. [RESOLVED] Need Cold Fusion/Application Developer - Freelance

    Project Overview: To develop a software application that provides task driven content to learners in a live software environment. This application would be used to train employees at a company on how...
  3. Thanks everyone!

    Thanks everyone!
  4. Client Wants to Own Rights to Program/Code

    What is the best thing to do when a client wants to own rights to and possibly resell an application a vendor develops? Is it customary to charge double or triple the normal rate (the rate if the...
  5. Please Note: We are only in the position to work...

    Please Note: We are only in the position to work with individuals who live and work in the U.S.
  6. Looking for eLearning Flash Developers

    We are looking for talented Flash Developers that have experience working with eLearning for an upcoming project.

    We need developers with the following experience:

    - Flash, Actionscript 2.0/3.0...
  7. [RESOLVED] Looking for Flash/Actionscript Developers


    Our company is currently looking for talented Flash/Actionscript developers. The first project would be creating a Flash video template that will display video/text testimonials for a...
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    Thanks for your help hp3! I will take your advice...

    Thanks for your help hp3! I will take your advice and will consider Flash Lite enabled phones. I'll also look and see if it supports BREW 3.

    How would you view a Flash based website without the...
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    Verizon LG Voyager

    Hey does anyone know if the new Verizon LG Voyager will support Flash? I really want this phone and am hoping you can download the Flash player!

  10. Looking for Talented Flash Lite (Mobile) Developers


    I'm in search for talented Flash Lite developers to develop mobile applications to run on cell phones. I'd like to establish a working relationship with a freelancer who would be able to do...
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    Super! Thank you so much!

    Super! Thank you so much!
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    Auto Expand Dynamic Textbox

    Does anyone have the code on how to automatically expand a dynamic textbox in Flash when it starts to run out of room? For example, let's say you are editing text in the .xml file and added another...
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