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  1. yes, the total lenght is more than 16000 frame ,...

    yes, the total lenght is more than 16000 frame , in fact when i used athe debugger it used to stop at 16001.

    thanks chris .
  2. THanx for your support

    Dear Brothers & Sisters,

    I went thru ur solution & it helped me solve the problem.

    I entered the following command on the last frame of the 1st. Movie

    Stop () & then the
    LoadMovie command...
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    Fla / swf to VCD

    Hi friends,
    i want to make a vcd from my flash movie of 13 min. am using flashmx 04.help me out urgently.
  4. Loading a new Movie when one movie ends

    Hi friends,

    I have made an animation movie of 13 mins but it runs only for about 10 mins & get stuck , when i splited the movie into two. both are running fine , Now i want to start the 2nd. movie...
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    swf to mpg / dat & voice mismatch

    Dear freinds,

    I am using Flash mx2004 , i want to convert my animation movie to mpg
    or dat format ,how do i do it?
    second problem is for voice i am using wav format but after publishing there...
  6. Conversion to VCD with full Animation

    Dear Friends,
    I want some help in converting my flash animation in Mpeg or VCD format with full animation.
    I tried exporting to AVI but it does not import all animated movement.
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    Limitation of AVI in importing Animation

    I had a similar problem , it is because of limitation of AVI format in importing flash movies completely. it may import some tweens. example if u animate a flying pigeon , flapping wing as a symbol...
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