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  1. Creating a jpg and sending it in an e-mail - Flash Possible?

    Hi, I developed a Flash application with Actionscript 2.0.

    Its a drag n drop thing but now the client would like to be able for the user to send the creation to an e-mail address. Now, I know you...
  2. AC_RunAciveConten.js to redirect to a new URL?

    I am publishing my flash with the auto detect and looked at the file called
    AC_RunActiveContent. I can't seem to find where the code redirects the user to adobe's site for download. I want to take...
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    Simple Export Question

    I need to export several movies from my library into Quicktime Movies. When I try to export Flash tells me that the quicktime component can not be found. I have Quicktime Pro installed on my Mac in...
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    ComboBox population from PHP file

    I am trying to make a combo box that populates with all the pdf/swf files in a folder. I think I have the PHP code working fine: Here is what the PHP file shows:
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    Can Flash do this?

    Okay, I got a tall order from the department and I don't know if it can be done with Flash. Close your eyes and imagine a flash application that can sit on your desktop and capture video from your...
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    Flash Paper Help?

    Does anyone use FlashPaper? I need to start using it for this project I am on and I can't seem to get links to work from my MicrosoftWord Doc. I go to print and pring my FlashPaper and it loads great...
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    Hours and minutes are not the problem

    I want milliseconds (did I spell that right?). When I set this up

    count = Math.round((TimeEnd-TimeNow)/1000);
    mincount = (Math.round((TimeEnd-TimeNow)/10));

    mincount is what I want but I don't...
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    Thanks but I still need help.

    I tried the longer code first. Here is what I am trying to do. It is for time. For some reason its just not working. I want to have min:sec:miliseconds count down. When I placed in your code the...
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    decimal question

    I have a variable text field with a number like 123456
    and I want flash to be able to display that number as
    12:34:56. How do I write actionscript that says for every 2 number slots divide by ":"....
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    I received it and uploaded it just to take a...

    I received it and uploaded it just to take a look. It works very well. The application that I am working on is a bit more complex. It lets users place images on a stage, size them, add text and set...
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    I am building this type of application right Now!!!!

    Its turning out to be very complex. I am using Flash/PHP/MySQL. I am still trying to get the bugs worked out. I didn't visit the link you posted but can send you a sample FLA if you want with the...
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    Combo Box Question

    I have a combobox on my stage called imagecombo it gets its data from a PHP script and it will be changing. I need to have the combo box show up on a certain variable called FourImage. Now I know I...
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    listeners for Combo boxes!

    Thanks Flash Kit for helping me develop a listener for my combo box but now I need it to work for three combo boxes on the same timeline. Here is what I have:
    // What image do they select?
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    Thanks a million. It works like a charm! :)

    Thanks a million. It works like a charm! :)
  15. Thanks, I wil check it out. no thanks to...

    Thanks, I wil check it out. no thanks to Microsoft!
  16. Flash Video and (i hate to say it but) PowerPoint

    First PowerPoint claims that it can import SWF files. Well, on my Mac they import fine but when I pass my SWF file to the people that need to import it on their computer it does not import. So then I...
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    PHP question small amount of code.

    I am developing a flash movie that will pick up variables from a PHP file for importing jpg's and swf files. This PHP code is designed to list the items inside the folder it sits on. I got it to work...
  18. Oh, never mind. I got it to work after a placed...

    Oh, never mind. I got it to work after a placed in the full _root.mymovie string. Thanks again for all your help!!!!
  19. Wow that worked like a charm thanks so much. So...

    Wow that worked like a charm thanks so much. So why can't I place this inside a movie clip? It works well on the _root directory but when I try to place it inside a movie clip it does not work. Here...
  20. Combo box populate with PHP Question.

    I have a PHP page which gives me this information....
  21. Wow that example is very cool. That is exactly...

    Wow that example is very cool. That is exactly what I was looking for. Well, almost. The example is a great way to search the hard drive but what if you then want to FTP that image inside a directory...
  22. Any codes or examples using fileReference and...

    Any codes or examples using fileReference and PHP? Any clues would be a help.
  23. Dynamic images uploading into Flash? HOW TO???

    I am trying to build an application in Flash where a user can click on a button "UPLOAD IMAGE" and Flash will browse through the users hard drive and the user can select a jpg file. Flash will then...
  24. Working on a Mac and some problems . . .

    I am running OS10.3.9 on the Mac and have found some problems with Flash 8. First of all it takes for ever to publish - it even seems to be the case if I publish for Flash 7 player. I don't know why...
  25. Thanks MusicMan

    Okay, well I got it to work but I still don't really understand why we need this...
    $num = 0;
    while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result))
    { print "&result$num=" . $row['slideNum'];...
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