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    nest shapes using sprites

    why not just add the shapes to sprites then nest the sprites?
  2. Did you read my first post at all ? :rolleyes: ...

    Did you read my first post at all ? :rolleyes:

    I've got it sussed now though, thanks to everyone for their ever so slightly patronizing tone. :lovers:

    If I create files as shown above,...
  3. Yes! I am

    Yes! I am looking at the stage properties, and it's not there!
  4. Document Class missing in propety inspector!

    My Document Class setting is missing!

    Here's what I've done,

    1. Opened a new AS file.
    2. Added the code for a new class:-

    package {
    import flash.display.Sprite;
    public class Test...
  5. The bit I was struggling with was the...

    The bit I was struggling with was the Actionscript bit of code to get the data passed by FlashVars.

    I've worked it out now though, so if any of you guys want to know, it works like this....

  6. Passing a variable from dreamweaver(8) to an swf preloader


    I have a little preloader, shown below, which works a treat.

    Problem is I want to use the same preloader for various SWF files.
    The preloader has the URL of the swf defined on line 2 but...
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    I wasn't havin a go at ya Flax, just trying to help krashe13 :)
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    oh yes there is a Z order of sorts

    Not strictly true, each display object is added to a list of display objects.

    That display list is in fact indexed beginning at 0 for the bottom most object. The index of the child list can be...
  9. I had exactly the same thing when I worked...

    I had exactly the same thing when I worked through a tutorial on one of the flash AS3 tutorial sites. Frame 1 wasn't loading anywhere near quick enough, it was only displaying when the full load was...
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    Ignore that that, I was being a plank, I was...

    Ignore that that, I was being a plank, I was loading the swf from a subdomain of the domain it was in, cross domain error!
  11. Random colours from a list

    I've fell into that kind of trapped before, using truly random colours, the end result isn't very satisfactory because of colour clashes with the background.

    I found it far better to create an...
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    Links not working

    I've made a little preloader in AS3 that works.

    It shows a 'spinning circles' animation with the % loaded underneath.

    Problem is it's a standalone preloader and uses the loader function to load...
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