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  1. Hi Fruitbeard - That worked amazingly well,...

    Hi Fruitbeard -

    That worked amazingly well, thankyou. Its time for me to bury myself into an as3 book or two.
    Best regards

  2. Thanks a million that is really snazzy with the...

    Thanks a million that is really snazzy with the opacity adjusted. have a look at my zipped fla on the Dropbox link below you will see what i mean when you go to the scrolls section and drag a...
  3. Hi Fruitbeard, thankyou so very much, it not...

    Hi Fruitbeard, thankyou so very much, it not only works it's also runs faster with your code. Just one more thing, the movie clips that I drag are visible if you go to other frames in the timeline....
  4. Hi there and thanks so much for the advice, I...

    Hi there and thanks so much for the advice, I pasted your code in place of mine and it does the same thing as mine in so far as all drag and drop clips play the same movie on seldefencemovies...
  5. Trying to get multiple drag and drop items to point to specific frames on a movie

    I have four movieclip buttons that when you drag and drop them onto a separate movieclip will play a video. There are four different movies in the movieclip that reside on the movieclips timeline at...
  6. drag and drop a movie clip onto another movie clip to go to a labelled frame

    I have four movie clips on a stage and I need drag and drop functionality for each one and this is easy enough but I also want
    the movie clip that is being dragged to play a movie on a timeline once...
  7. It worked

    It worked flawlessly and I've learned an awful lot thanks to you.
    You have just made my day. I hope I can repay you at someday for this amazing help.
  8. Cheers dude

    Thanks so much for all the effort I really appreciate it, I will go through your code and see if I can get my interface to work.

    Best regards

  9. Nested movie clip button to go to and play a frame in another movie clips frame

    I have a flash file that needs 2 menus with buttons linking to frames in one movie clip timeline. This is an exercise to build an app interface and I am using
    a left and right menu to allow for left...
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