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  1. CS3 Beautiful, thanks so much.

    Beautiful, thanks so much.
  2. CS3 AS2. while loop, setInterval, clearInterval problem

    I'm trying to get my code working so effectively the playhead moves backwards for a certain length of time (20 frames, 1 frame every 33 milliseconds). The setInterval function works when not inside...
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    I think i sorted it. My set stage position...

    I think i sorted it. My set stage position function wasn't firing. Thanks for input.
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    Thanks for the reply. For me, when i open this in...

    Thanks for the reply. For me, when i open this in a web browser the centering doesn't work. Try making the browser window width smaller and then refreshing the page. is it still centered? what...
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    web browser html layout issues

    I am working on a flash website. I'm using actionscript to calculate the stagewidth/2 to centre my content mc when the flash window is resized (this is working in flash player and browser). I also...
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    AS2 Link to External webpage.

    I am using movieclips as buttons and i want to navigate through my website using the movieclips. I am using AS2. How can i achieve this? thanks.
  7. CS3 Actionscript 3.0 Scrollpane linking external .SWF

    i am working on a flash website with actionscript 3.0. i am using a scroll pane to view a external swf file that has buttons that move forwards and backwards through the swf. my problem is that when...
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