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    AS 2 Local Connection Multiple Functions


    I have two exe files and I am trying to control one with the other in two different windows (Sender / Reciever Windows)

    I am doing this in AS2 simply because the original set-up...
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    Using two Loaders for one Tree Menu

    I am using a tree menu that I am loading in Print2Flash documents. There is one node on the menu I want to load a regular SWF file that will have links to animations. Because my loader is customized...
  3. I answered your response (thanks for getting back...

    I answered your response (thanks for getting back to me). I am not sure the problem but as I have said to you in e-mail...the buttons dont grey out, they just dont do anything when pressed as if they...
  4. Simple Utility that Will Disable Maximize of Projector

    I am aware of Zinc (which was disappointing) and SWF Studio (demo didnt work for some reason, I contacted them with nor eply just yet) but there were problems with these and they simply offer more...
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    Using loader with Tree Menu

    Hello, I am trying to use a tree menu to load SWF files into another SWF file. Its not Astra but its very similar. If I could simply get one node linking in an SWF I think I could get the rest. All I...
  6. FOR HIRE Need simple Astra-like Tree Menu with Horizontal Slider Bar Working

    As the title says, I need a tree menu. It need to be just like the simple tree menu from the astra components but it needs to have a working horizonal slider bar.
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