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    preloading swf on an html page?

    i am trying to preload an swf file that will be used on my 2nd page on my 1st HTML page.
    since my swf is just font assets and not visible, i just embedded on my 1st page.
    the probrem is the...
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    [CS3] Smoothing an external jpeg.

    I imported an external jpeg.


    Now, I would like to SMOOTH this image.
  3. unfortunately, i can`t embed the font because...

    unfortunately, i can`t embed the font
    because texts are japanese from XML, and too many characters to embed.

    any other suggestions?
  4. [CS3] Dynamic Text Visible within a Transparent MovieClip ? (AS2.0)

    i have a dynamic text field within my mc.
    when I change the alpha value of my mc to 0 with script, my text stays visible.
    is there any way i can fix this?

  5. [CS3] converting milliseconds to hours and minutes

    I have 2 Date objects and count down from now to ready,
    and show it in the format of "00 HOURS and 00 MINS."

    var now:Date = new Date();
    var ready:Date = new Date(2008,9,10,12,0,0);

  6. [CS3] MOUSE_OUT problem with a small button on top of a big button.

    i have a small button on top of a big button.
    I would like to get MOUSE_OUT event from the big button,
    but only when the mouse rolled out of its outer edge.

    right now, it gets MOUSE_OUT event...
  7. [CS3] receiving a variable passed via HTML in AS3.0

    my HTML is sending a variable called "username" to my flash.
    how can I receive it in flash?

    i tried like below.

    in HTML

    <param name="flashvars" value="username = MYNAME" />
  8. [CS3] javascript popup window with AS3.0.

    hi, i`m trying to open a popup window from flash.

    this is what I have in HTML.

    function WindowOpen(url, name) {
    window.open(url, name, "width=900, height=600, resizable=no,...
  9. [CS3] loading external swf with AS3.0 not working online.

    hi, i`m using the following to load an external swf file.
    it`s working fine locally, but once i put it on the server, it doesn`t load anything.

    import flash.display.Loader;
  10. [CS3] how to remove a class or its function linked to a movie clip?

    i have a movie clip physically on the timeline with the following class attached to it.
    is it possible to remove the class or its ENTER_FRAME function via script on the timeline?

  11. [CS3] how to know if my sound is playing or finished playing?

    I`m loading and playing sound like below.


    var snd:Sound = new Sound();
    snd.load(new URLRequest("sound.mp3"));
    snd.addEventListener(IOErrorEvent.IO_ERROR, onIOError, false, 0,...
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    [CS3] preloader for an external swf.

    i`m loading an external swf file as shown below.

    var mySWF:MovieClip;
    var url = new URLRequest("external.swf");
    var loader:Loader = new Loader();

  13. sorry, i meant to post on someone else`s replay...

    sorry, i meant to post on someone else`s replay on another thread.
    you are the man.
  14. [CS3] date object question. (9 is Oct )

    i wanted to create a date object for 2008/SEPTEMBER/19.
    so I wrote the following.

    var myTime:Date = new Date(2008,09,19,12,0,0);
    trace(myTime); // Sun Oct 19 12:00:00 GMT+0300 2008

  15. [CS3] can I get the "last modified date" of XML from Flash?

    I am trying to get the "last modified date" of XML from Flash,
    so that flash can know when its data has been updated.

    Is this even possible?

    P.S. Im using AS 3.0
  16. [CS3] how to add 7 days to my Date object?

    i created a DATE object.

    var myTime:Date = new Date(2008,9,19,12,0,0);

    now I would like to add 7 days to myTime.
    do I need to convert myTime to milliseconds?
    how can I do this?
  17. i assigned my class name to the base class...

    i assigned my class name to the base class section, and it worked.
    thanks anyway.
  18. i assigned my class name to the base class...

    i assigned my class name to the base class section, and it worked.
    thanks anyway.
  19. [CS3] assigning the same custom class to multiple movie clips.

    i have multiple movie clips (multiple instance).
    i would like to assign a custom class to all of them,
    but flash says i need different class names under linkage property for each instance.
  20. [CS3] using shared Library item seems to lock up .fla file.

    hi guys,

    i`m working with one master fla file and two child fla's.

    the two child fla use library item that are linked to master fla file, and are updated every time .swf is published.
  21. [MX] flash 6 making script animation smooth

    I made an animation with actionscript, but i does not play smoothly.
    I can`t use "smooth" cause i have to use flash player 6.
    i increased my frame rate, but it didn`t change much.

  22. [CS3] function to determine which date is older and newer?

    I would like to get the current time from user`s computer,
    and compare that time with another time I pre-decided,
    and know if user`s time is newer than the my pre-decided time.

    I used

  23. accessing root variables from a class file.

    I have a Movie clip class named MY_MC,
    and would like to access to root level variable.

    fla timeline

    var Status:String = "ok";
  24. [CS3] assigning same functions to multiple movie clips.

    I have multiple movie clips on my timeline(not dynamically added.)
    I would like to assign a same Mouse Over function to all of them.

    something like below.

  25. [CS3] removing a MovieClip from itself in AS 3.0

    I would like to remove a dynamically attached movie clip from itself when its animation is done.

    in AS 2.0, I had this at the end of the frame of the movie clip I would like to remove.

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