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  1. here is the code I've got on the button right...

    here is the code I've got on the button right now:

    on (release) {
    if(_root.mainmovie1.currentFrame == "finished")
    { gotoAndPlay("1.0");}
    else {
  2. button to check if movieclip is finished.

    I'm using Actionscript 2 for this interactive.
    This is what I'm trying to get a button to do:

    on release:

    check "mainmovie1" mc on main timeline.

    If "mainmovie1" mc's timeline is at frame...
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    [CS3] pause panning effect

    I have a swf that uses an external .as file (I purchased on foxden) in order to make it pan around, I want to put a button in the .swf that will temorarily stop it from panning around.

    How should...
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    pan up, down, left, right

    does anyone know where I might find a tutorial on how to build a flash interactive that allows the viewer to not only pan up and down, side to side, diagonally by just moving their cursor, but also...
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    on release "Back up"

    I want my instructions button to toggle the instructions up AND down.
    What is wrong with my AS?
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    I was toying with this for over 2 hours last night.

    and that's all I had to do...

    I feel a bit silly now.

    thank you.
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    anyone? Please?

    anyone? Please?
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    Button problem...simple?

    This code I have on a button:

    on (release) {
    if(_root.mrselkins_1._currentframe <= 942){
    this.enabled = false;
    }else gotoAndPlay("options1");
  9. Hey it worked! thanks! I ended up changing the...

    Hey it worked! thanks! I ended up changing the code slightly, so that the button just doesn't work until the embedded MC is finished playing. (and I put a little note next to the button telling the...
  10. Thanks very much! I'll try it out and see how it...

    Thanks very much! I'll try it out and see how it goes.
  11. if_else statement to check if MC is still playing

    I need to place a bit of AS on a button that is inside a mc on the main timeline. The script would check to see if another MC (that is on the main timeline) is still playing. If it is, then the code...
  12. You ROCK. THANK YOU!

    You ROCK.

  13. really sorry to bother you again. I'm so happy...

    really sorry to bother you again. I'm so happy that you responded with that code. Unfortunately, now it doesn't pan or scroll at all. I've tinkered with the AS, but only gotten it pan again, but not...
  14. Hey Thanks!

    I appreciate it? When is a good time?
  15. I'm trying to make something similar to this: ...

    I'm trying to make something similar to this:

  16. Interesting

    it works...sort of.

    What happens now is that it slowly decelerates. I need it to absolutely freeze in the middle of the pan. (like a pausing effect).
  17. thanks! I'll give it a try!

    thanks! I'll give it a try!
  18. MC button to stop pan on main timeline

    I have a MC that uses Actionscript on the main timeline to pan left and right. inside that MC is a button. What actionscript would I use to temporarily stop the panning effect upon rollover of the...
  19. [F8] height and width of embedded MC in text field

    I have an MC with buttons inside it embedded into a text field.
    The problem is that the text field isn't giving me a scroll bar in the .swf when I publish it (even though it's really there in the...
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    This script makes Safari crash

    can someone please tell me why this script makes safari crash as soon as it loads it? IE and Mozilla don't crash. Go figure.


    // initiate postitions and...
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    where does this actionscript go?

    2 questions:

    based on the script below, does this script go on the main timeline frame 1? or on the "send" instance? and also does there need to be anything else added to this script in order for...
  22. displaying html pages that have javascript

    Sonicbids has a way to display shows via placing it on an html page. Is there a way to show a window that will display an html page inside flash?

    for example:
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    scroll mc horizontally

    all I want to do is have a right scroll button and a left scroll button that tell my mc called "bg_mc" to scroll in either direction. It is located on the main timeline along with the buttons, but...
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    scroll mc buttons

    I have this code which works great for scrolling an mc horizontally depending on the mouse position:

    this.onMouseMove = function() {
    constrainedMove(bg_mc, 4, 1);
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    Stop scrolling mc button

    based on this code in the first frame of my main timeline:

    this.onMouseMove = function() {
    constrainedMove(bg_mc, 4, 1);
    function constrainedMove(target:MovieClip, speed:Number,...
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