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    scrolling background

    I'd like to get a better understanding of how Flash renders display objects, so I have a better idea of how to optimize my games.

    I previously created a game that had a scrolling, repeating (and...
  2. Thread: Flash Game

    by bluekronos

    PROJECT I am interested I have 4 years of professional...

    I am interested
    I have 4 years of professional experience in both programming and art/design in Flash. I have worked on a variety of games, including tower defense, aerodynamics engines, side...
  3. loading dynamic external fonts, and using multiple styles within a single textfield

    I'm loading a font from an external swf based on the swf's and font's names. I've got the font working, and even have font size attributes working.
    The problem I'm having is that you can only...
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    programming an avatar creator

    Hey guys,
    I was wondering what the best way was to set up an avatar creator.
    Basically, each part that I create needs to be able to be colored, and different options selectable (hair styles, etc)
  5. CS3 [as2] defining onLoad for all movieclips

    Hi guys,
    I'm going to be using a lot of different movieclips, and it would be impractical to write init code into each of them, or define all of them as members of a movieclip extension class.
  6. CS3 [AS2] BitmapData combining alpha channels

    Hi guys,
    quick question, and maybe I'm just misunderstanding what some of BitmapData's functions do

    I have two BitmapData objects, bmp1 and bmp2. Each has their own alpha channel.

    I'd like to...
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    autoselect flash object

    Hi guys,
    I'm working on a flash game for the blind, and the game is completely audio based
    The only problem is that the user has to interact with the game using keystrokes, which won't work until...
  8. area of intersection between rotated rectangles

    hi guys
    How would I go about finding the area of the intersection between two rectangles that may be rotated relative to each other? The information I have to work with is their coordinates (one...
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    CS3 [AS2] comparing BitmapDatas

    I've got two BitmapData objects, each one containing an image of a fingerprint
    I'd like to be able to compare the two and get a percentage match. I've found the BitmapData compare function,...
  10. CS3 figured it out... forgot to put the class's...

    figured it out... forgot to put the class's package url in the Linkage>Class field
  11. CS3 [AS2] extending MovieClip with packages

    hi guys,
    I'm using AS2, and trying to use AS2's packages for the first time, so I can organize my .as files properly.
    I'm running into some problems though
    I've got some classes that extend...
  12. initializing properties in the constructor

    I've heard this before, but I don't remember why it's considered good practice.

    Why is it a good idea to only initialize non-const variables in the constructor?

    i.e. this is bad:

  13. CS3 [as2] duplicating an externally loaded movieclip

    I need to make multiple copies of a movieclip that I'm loading in via loadclip. I don't want to have to loadclip each time I need a new copy - is there a better way to do this?
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    CS3 [as2] dynamic library font?

    I have a font that I'd like to use for certain parts of my flash movie. The name of the font that will be used will be fed in through xml. Is there any way to use library fonts to make this...
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    CS3 onLoadInit doesn't fire - does it only work when...

    onLoadInit doesn't fire - does it only work when loading in swfs?
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    CS3 [as2] onloadComplete and BitmapData

    Hi guys,
    I'm trying to load in an image using MovieClipLoader. When the onLoadComplete fires, BitmapData copies the image so I can make duplicates
    unfortunately, when onLoadComplete fires, the...
  17. [as2][cs3] simple question multiple users with php

    Hi guys,
    Here's a pretty basic question about how flash works - I'm working with a php/database guy who is passing me unique user information via xml from mysql to php. If, while playing the flash...
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    CS3 another symptom if this helps: if I define a...

    another symptom if this helps:
    if I define a function testFunction in the class that only has a trace in it, and call that function, it does not trace. but if I call that function after removing it...
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    CS3 [AS2] delete ASO files

    Hi guys
    I'm trying to recompile a class I've written in a .as file, and it will not update. I've deleted ASO files, reset the computer, and I'm not sharing the class via a library item.
  20. Yeah its a 404 redirect - he sent me this as the...

    Yeah its a 404 redirect - he sent me this as the line of code when I asked:

    here is the line of code in the htacess file:
    ErrorDocument 404 http://.../error_page.php

    is there a way to have...
  21. .htaccess error redirect and onLoadError

    Hi guys,
    I'm working closely with someone who is using .htaccess to display a custom error page when a user tries to view a file that does not exist on his domain.

    My flash app runs on his page,...
  22. CS3 [AS2] Printjob autoscale and autolandscape

    hi guys,
    trying to figure out how to autoscale and autolandscape.
    this code seems to work properly for portrait, but for landscape I get a blank page. I've tried offsetX of +/-...
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    CS3 [as2]vector to 8bit

    I'm trying to write some code that will take a smooth vector drawing and change it to a digitized, 8bit-looking drawing at runtime.

    The best way I can think of to do this (and feel free to suggest...
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    CS3 [AS2]color sample a movieclip

    A while ago I used BitmapData to get color samples of a bitmap and create a pointilism piece by using getPixel to sample colors from the bitmap along a grid

    This time I'm trying to do something...
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    basically I'm trying to import a php file as an...

    basically I'm trying to import a php file as an xml (the php file creates the xml) into flash
    am I going about it the right way?
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