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    Not a pop-up issue

    I've now realised it is not a pop-up issue.

    Even when opened in a normal browser window the stage is gray.
    If, however, I open the SWF as a standalone locally in the Flash Player, the stage...
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    Stage is grey when swf opens in a pop-up

    My swf has a black coloured stage.

    But when I open the html page in which the swf is embedded, as a full-screen pop-up window, using javascript, the stage colour of the swf is always grey - not...
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    AS 2 stopping a blur tween

    In this game I dynamically load 9 random pictures onto the stage. They all start off with maximum blur. The idea is that when the user hears a sentence the pictures gradually lose their blur. The...
  4. menubar component not working in frame 3

    I've posted a similar query a little while agi, but didn't get anywhere.

    I'm now attaching my FLA (zipped) and an xml file (saved as.txt)

    I want to be able to use a pre-loader in Frame 1 and...
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    FLA file size to bog to post


    I would like to be able to attach my FLA. I've stripped everything out, deleted most layers and most items from the library. All that's left is a menubar component and an XML data connector...
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    Frames and actionscript and components

    This is similar to what I posted a week or so ago, but got no response.

    I have a Flash 'application' that is all on one frame and has about 2000 lines of AS 2 code. Works fine if it's all in Frame...
  7. Frames, actionscript and stop() actions

    I have built a Flash 'application' which is only on one frame. This frame has a fair number of movie clips, buttons etc. and about 200 lines of code on it.

    I have tried to create a pre-loader, as...
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    Thanks for your suggestion, but I can't get it to...

    Thanks for your suggestion, but I can't get it to work.

    The text displays in my dynamic text box as, for example:
    Wir sind <br/> Ski gefahren

    I've tried setting the text box to render the text...
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    Thanks! I'll give that a try!

    I'll give that a try!
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    XML rendered as hrml

    I've designed a flash app for teaching German.
    Basically my application displays images with associated text.

    My xml looks like this:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
  11. Solved it myself! I have used loadvars in my...

    Solved it myself!

    I have used loadvars in my html script that passes a variable to the swf if the user is logged in. I have placed a movie clip to cover the flash content (with a message!). If the...
  12. Prevent SWF from running independently of html page

    I'm using something called Sentry Login to 'protect' my website's pages, but how can I write code into my SWF that prevents it being run just by entering its address into the browser's address bar -...
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    Problem Solved (sort of)

    Thanks for your suggestion, Northcode.

    What I discovered was that as Project B (the projector file) had in effect become an application rather than just a file, it had become the default...
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    Projector file and swf confusion

    I have two Flash projects, let's call them A & B.

    I created a Projector file for project B - works fine - both Mac and Windows.

    My problem is that when I now try to open the SWF for project A,...
  15. Thanks, silentweed I'll give that a go

    Thanks, silentweed

    I'll give that a go
  16. [CS3] Placing dynamic text into movie clips using FOR Loops

    I'm using ActionScript 2.0
    I'm sure this is incredibly simple, but I'm baffled:
    I have a movie clip called frame_mc, which is basically a large empty square with a nice border.
    Within frame_mc I...
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    menuBar component - 2 problems

    Using AS 2.0 in CS3 I've used the menuBar component and the XML Connector component to create a multi level drop down menu dynamically via XML. Works just fine on my Mac in Safari and Firefox and on...
  18. [F8] menu row height in menuBar component

    I've created xml generated drop-down menus with the menuBar component. Works fine, but I can't figure out how to increase the height of the individual menu (subcomponent) items. I can adjust the...
  19. Thanks, Brandon. I'll look at that.

    Thanks, Brandon. I'll look at that.
  20. poor quality mp3 speech with Internet Explorer

    I'm building a site which uses lots of short spoken mp3 files pulled in via XML. It works nicely on the Mac with Safari and Firefox. On the PC, however, the quality in Firefox is barely satisfactory...
  21. Thanks again, Albert, for putting in the time to...

    Thanks again, Albert, for putting in the time to help me.

    Where should I put the code you suggest?

    I've tried it as shown and that does nothing. The trace gives an 'undefined' result.

  22. That worked , but how do I reference the...

    That worked , but how do I reference the individual movie clips?

    If I wanted to see if the [i] variable on each clip was equal to "correct answer". how would I go about that?

    What I want to...
  23. Think I 've got it. randomPic._x =...

    Think I 've got it.
    randomPic._x = (offsetX*(i%cols))+20;
    got translated by the FlashKit code wrangler into:
    randomPic._x = offsetX*(i/cols))+20

    I cut and pasted my code, so it shouldn't have...
  24. Thanks again, Albert. The images are now...

    Thanks again, Albert.

    The images are now clickable, but they no longer appear in a grid.

    Image 2's x co-ordinate is half way across image 1 and image 3's x is half way across image 2

  25. Thanks, Albert. That's what I tried originally....

    Thanks, Albert.
    That's what I tried originally. It doesn't work.
    If,however, I try - the cursor reacts, but I want the individual thumbnails within container3_mc (randomPic) to be clickable, and...
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