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  1. THANKS for advice I am just learning .....

    THANKS for advice I am just learning .....
  2. input text problem

    Thanks it works but i want other way means I want multiple entry to save in text file list
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    CS3 multiple enemies


    I am developing game in which I have created single enemy by following script
    Now if any one can help creating multiple enemy with different name instances except enemy that i uses...

  4. save input box text to new text file list


    Please help me

    I have an inputbox which take data as ouput_txt and covert into variable tmessage which in turn go to new text file

    the code

    import flash.text.TextField;
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    Multiple time alarm clock

    I want to develop multiple time alarm clock which displays 10 given number between particular time. May I use if else of switch ?
    Please help
  6. Flash5 loading external swf by user's sequence choise

    Hy friends,
    Please .. Please help me I have buttons dragable with external swf calling. If User drag and drop button "a" button "b "and but "c" into a bucket(mc) one by one and on click of start...
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