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    How do you get a thicker pencil line?

    The reason I don't like the brush tool is because the brush line is not consistent in its thickness. For example, if I draw a curve with the brush tool, some of the line will be thicker than other...
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    I would also like to know the answer to this...

    I would also like to know the answer to this question.
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    How much would this cost about?

    I would like a site that uses primarily Flash, but has a scrolling window section that uses HTML. It doesn't really require any bells and whistles aside from that.
  4. No it doesn't work. If I make it into a movie...

    No it doesn't work.

    If I make it into a movie clip it becomes a graphic. I can't change the color of the lines that I made with the line-tool.
  5. Can you change color of line/circle tool afterwards?

    If I've already done it in one color, can I change it to another color?
  6. I found this:...

    I found this:

    If you go on that main site and look at the side menu they have a whole section dedicated to...
  7. Can anyone direct me to some basic tutorials on making a Flash Website?

    Hi, I'm having trouble finding tutorials on how to make a flash website.

    I know how to animate. But I don't know any scripts.

    I essentially want a front page where it's a picture with lots...
  8. Can you get rid of recently selected colors?

    When I select a new color (I'm not talking about the default colors but the one that you actually choose in that rainbow thing), it creates a new square underneath the default colors. They do this...
  9. How do you make vector graphics thicker?

    When doing vectors, I want the lines to be thicker like in a cartoon. Is this possible?
  10. Is there an easy way to lip sync?

    Or does it have to be done frame for frame?
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    Some questions about colors

    How do i make the background color quickly? Do i always have to draw a giant box outside the frame and then fill it in?

    Also, what is the recommended tool used for drawing a cartoon: the pencil...
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    Help! How do you re-arrange scenes?

    If I've made Scene 1, 2 and 3. And let's say I want to re-arrange the order, or insert a new scene in between 1 and 2, how do I do that?
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    Glitches when using colours

    Sometimes when I use the paintbucket tool, it messes up colors that are touching the area that I color.
    For example, I might use the paintbrush tool, select the color red, and draw a happy face. I...
  14. How many frames per second do you use?

    is 12 per second default too little? does the file size go up a lot if I make it more?
  15. Kind of both, although I want to know how to...

    Kind of both, although I want to know how to convert a .mov or .swf file to .mp4.
  16. Is Flash not good for uploading to youtube?

    I don't understand why whenever I upload to the site it always looks very choppy or very grainy. I have seen some people upload things that look very nice. I have exported my files as Mov and Avi. ...
  17. Urgent: Where is the rounded corner radius button?

    I'm using CS3, I can draw a regular rectuangle but I cannot find anywhere that lets me make it rounded.
  18. Help, why is my file size getting so big?

    I am doing an animation...and it was a good size until I started having to copy and paste frames for mouth movements. The file size has now gone up several times. Is there something I'm doing wrong?
  19. What do you mean your file became corrupt? You...

    What do you mean your file became corrupt? You couldn't open the file? That's pretty scary.

    What I mean by quality is the picture or sound quality of the flash file. I know that with picture...
  20. Does quality of flash file go down if you save each time?

    Does the quality of a flash file go down a bit when you save it each time?
  21. Is there a proper way to upload videos on youtube to retain quality?

    Hi does anyone know any tips or tricks in the process to have the best quality (video quality and sound) uploaded onto Youtube with something you make in flash?
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    How do I upload it onto a website?

    How do I play the flash file on the web?

    Also if I make something windows media format, how would i play that?
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    Shape Tween color glitch

    Has anyone done this? I had an object that had some colors, and when I tried doing a shape tween, it went crazy with the colors going all over the place.
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    How do I add a watermark?

    I want a video to have a watermark on it, how do I go about doing that?
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    I'm not done yet so I don't know the final file...

    I'm not done yet so I don't know the final file size
    The final format will be in either WMV or MOV, with no "interactive" elements in it. It will be over the web.

    The problem is that if I put...
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