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    i tried the addChild(btn_1) as well as...

    i tried the addChild(btn_1) as well as img_holder.addChild(btn_1) and still nothing happens, I don't get an error or anything...it just wont display my image....Am I missing something else?? Thank...
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    displaying images...

    Can anyone tell me what am I doing wrong in this code? All I'm trying to do is just display an image on my page when someone clicks the thumbnail, better yet it would be great if I can display that...
  3. thanks a lot! I will try that!

    thanks a lot! I will try that!
  4. stopping the current frame before going to the new one

    i know this is a simple question, but how do i stop the current frame before moving on to the new one? here's what i tried, of course i got the error: undefined method stop through a reference with...
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    movie ignoring my stops

    I can successfully test each scene, but as soon as I test the movie, it runs through each scene repeatedly :confused: ....what am i doing wrong? Although, I hadn't put any code on the buttons to go...
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