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    Thats the one alright! Many thanks

    Thats the one alright!

    Many thanks
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    Adobe After Effects

    Hi all, hope someone can help me!

    I stumbled across a very good online video tutorial for AfterEffects a few weeks back but I forgot to bookmark it.

    Basically it showed you how to manipulate a...
  3. Drag and Drop...creating shapes and patterns then saving the outcome

    Hi all,

    I'm creating a simple drag and drop puzzle game. But I was wondering is it possible for you to drag and drop a number of shapes and patterns so that you eventually have a final...
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    Hi Richard K, Firstly I'm by no means a flash...

    Hi Richard K,

    Firstly I'm by no means a flash mobile expert but I will try and help.

    It would be possible to put standard vertor graphics (even bitmaps but they take up a lot of processing...
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    FlashLite with PHP/mySQL

    Obviously what with Flashlite being a relatively new format I'm not totally upto speed with how it functions.

    Can anyone tell me whether it is possible to incorporate php/ backend scripts to a...
  6. Using setMask with LoadMovieNum...can it be done?

    Ok, I've decided to take a different approach and use loadMovie with each element on its own level. I have now got on the main swf the following

    //frame #1
  7. Preloading multiple SWF's = My head hurts

    Hi everybody...spent the best part of the day trying to get to the bottom of this problem but having scoured the boards here and elsewhere I'm still stuck.

    At the moment I have 3 seperate swfs and...
  8. Using SetMask with more than one mc

    Hi all...getting a little bit confused with setMask.

    I have on stage an mc called 'mask'. Now the problem is when I introduce more than one mc to the stage and impliment setMask it invariably...
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    Alas no luck with getnexthighestDepth(). Also...

    Alas no luck with getnexthighestDepth().

    Also for some reason this was not in my sourcecode text book.
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    Swap depth issue

    Hi all, been trying to work this problem out for the past couple of hours with no luck.

    On stage I have the following:
    Background image/pattern = mcb
    masked image = car
    Mask = qtr_mc
  11. Thanks Hiredgunn you've been a big help. Also...

    Thanks Hiredgunn you've been a big help.

    Also what is the general ettiquete about asking for a retainer/deposit? I mean I don't expect a great deal say 10-15% but should that topic of...
  12. My first client meeting...advice needed

    Hi all,

    The gods of good fortune have been smiling at me, and I have my first ever client meeting.

    Now from the brief discussion that I've had over the phone they won't be paying much, not that...
  13. Stuck! Problem with number of clips and instance names

    Hi all,

    ok the problem has got me stumped right now.

    I have on stage two mc called "L1" and "L2". (there will be more but I'm trying to keep this simple)

    Basically once the main timeline...
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    Thanks X_Piper_X, I'm pretty sure I can...

    Thanks X_Piper_X,

    I'm pretty sure I can improve further on its current state. For me there's just something missing...can't put my finger on it at the moment but I'll hopefully have it ready soon....
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    Draft Revision part 2

    Hi all,

    Ok I've been messing around updating my initial draft for a friend's business.

    Now its still looking a little sparse in places so if you have any suggestions to beef up the content feel...
  16. I guess most people are moving steadily towards...

    I guess most people are moving steadily towards broadband anyway, yet from surfing on this forum and others they always say that its best practice to take 56k users into consideration.

  17. Thanks KB, yeah the flicker problem is something...

    Thanks KB, yeah the flicker problem is something that alas I can't seem to get rid of on firefox and safari which is a shame (typically it works IE with no trace of flicker!).

    I agree that the...
  18. Comments/suggestions wanted on a Flash site

    Hi all,

    This is an early draft of a site I've created for a friend of mine.

    Basically its an online CV for his film audio company in the UK.

    Now for the time being I've uploaded it to a free...
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    with reference to the first link outlined where...

    with reference to the first link outlined where am I to put the following as?

    MovieClip.prototype.fade = function(newAlpha:Number,speed:Number):Void{
    this.currentAlpha = this._alpha;
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    Fading out an external SWF clip

    Hi all hope somebody can help me with this predicament.

    I have an external swf (jamiecv.swf) that I can access from the main timeline.

    At the moment when I click a button on the main timeline...
  21. SetInterval not clearing after condition met

    Bizarre! Have been using setInterval on a number of projects with no real problems but for some reason when I try implimented it on my current project it won't clearInteval even if the condition has...
  22. createEmptyMovieClip problem when replaying a MC

    Ok guys...hope someone can help after I've spent a good 6 hours trying to get around the problem.

    The scenario is this:

    I've basically created two emptymovieclips (clipA, clipB) which each...
  23. Pellepiano Is it worth toning town the red to...


    Is it worth toning town the red to a darker shade or to dispense with some of the red altogether?

    Thanks Swashbuckler
  24. Pellepiano Thanks for your comments...I think...


    Thanks for your comments...I think ;).

    Which part of the web site is too red? All of it or just the logo?

    I agree with you that the scrollbar is a little too hidden but I wanted...
  25. Site check - my first commercial Flash site

    Hi all,

    This is my first commercial flash site and would greatly appreciate your input into the design and functionality of the site.

    At the moment I'm still tinkering with the mail form, and...
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