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    Help. What is Error #2126

    I moved some code that works perfect on the Actions layer, into a class, and I get this error.

    ArgumentError: Error #2126: NetConnection object must be connected.

    can anyone help me? I can't...
  2. Thank you again

    Its always the little things. lol. But thank you for you time and help. Happy New Year,:cap:
  3. Thanks for your help, I got the error to leave. But..

    Now the function backgroundImage doesn't fire.
  4. Can anyone help me scope this error Error #1009 for a Class?

    Hello again,

    I have an issue what seems to be simple is taking me longer time to figure out. I keep getting an error when I try to load a custom Class into a simple Main.as class.

    Main Class:...
  5. Can anyone help me with a small Flex 3 issue? (Changing states of an application)

    Hi all.

    I have a Flex application that has states defined in the main MXML file. I have a navigation custom component I created that dispatches events. I also created a custom Event object. I just...
  6. How can I make a price string "$56,900" I keep getting errors

    Can anyone help me? I will post the code if you can help me concatenate a string to be a price?
  7. Having trouble adding a simple movieClip to a widget -- can anyone help me?

    I have this video clip (that will soon be a video player) but I am trying to add this clip to a widget called Gigya. They have this "plug and play" code that seems to not load the content which I...
  8. Need some help with understanding event cue points in AS3. From an XML file.

    I have some code I need a little help with. I have everything working except the cue points. I have read several tutorials and the adobe help docs, but I still cant figure out the whole XML cue...
  9. Can anyone tanslate AS2 code into AS3 code? Willing to pay for help

    Hi, I am having a world of errors and trouble trying to translate some code from as2 to as3. Its pretty complex. can anyone help? Willing to pay you something.
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    XML and CuePoints. Question.

    can anyone help me with some xml and cuepoints. I am trying to load images or swf files based on a cue points and an XML file. Can anyone help me? something is in in for you $.
  11. Anyone know a good Cue Point Tutorial that loads swfs?

    I been reading all of these tutorials on how cuepoints work.

    How can I load a swf file on top of a FLV using cue points?

    I can load text and closed captions but havent found the right function...
  12. is there anyway a Video Object can play and stop SWFs?

    I am having a world of issues just trying to achieve what I thought could be simple.

    1. I am loading a video into a video object that is netStreaming.
    2. The video Object will play a video, but...
  13. I made a change to the code. This should work. But its not working. Any help?

    var slideRequest:URLRequest = new URLRequest("YourMovie.swf");
    var loadedSwf:MovieClip;

    var slideLoader:Loader = new Loader();

  14. How do you play and stop external SWFs loaded


    I am seeking advice or help on how to control the Playback, Volume of an externally loaded SWF.

    var slideRequest:URLRequest = new URLRequest("YourMovie.swf");

    var slideLoader:Loader...
  15. Need help setting the text value for this string

    Hi I am trying to send a search query and I have everything working except, when I create a search it says undefined when the search results. What am I missing in this code?

  16. Is there anyway to distort a movieClip without so much code or classes?

    Hi I am trying to disport an image. and make it a perspective.. That looks like this.. http://theflashblog.com/?p=224

    It will start flat, then skew or perspective scale to that shape, then go back...
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    Scaling in AS2 Code

    I am trying to scale a small MovieClip in AS2

    If I have a small The code is drawn on the stage in code,

    I want to scale the shape to be longer, but not wider? _yScale

    and I want it to scale...
  18. thanks

    I discovered that 20 minutes later. :rolleyes:
  19. SetInterval or GetTimer (how can I set the start time to my small animation?

    I have this code that fades out at 3 seconds.. how can I control when it starts to fade in? Right now it just fades in instantly. For example I want it to wait 3 seconds before it fades in.. and then...
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    Wow thank you

    You're the man! Thanks.. one last question and I wont bother you again today... hopefully :cap:

    do I use Set the time in function


    do I use ...
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    Thanks for this help.

    When I say hold, I want it to hold for a certain time or on a time and then it will do the reverse and disappear.. also removing the clip from the stage.
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    A 2.0 Animation with code Question.

    I have this text that is suppose to fade in and then fade out after about 2 seconds of standing on the stage. The code I have now makes the animation fade in.. but it doesnt stop at a certain pixel...
  23. Help with my Class, what is missing? Can anyone help?

    I ask a ton of questions on here, but you guys are helping me learn AS3 fast.

    Here is my issue.

    I have created a gallery that loads XML data. On the main timeline, I have a two graphics I made...
  24. second part of the code

    Here is the second part of the code.

    Which is in a seperate scene

    Does this have to do something with namespace?

    My only issue is.. The XML from the first scene loads again in this scene,...
  25. Im having a little trouble UnLoading a URL. RemoveChild didnt seem to work..

    Hi.. Im trying to remove a XML doc from the code. And then when I go to the next scene, it is suppose to load a new XML.. but it keeps loading the same XML document. What is going on? Can anyone help...
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