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  1. Action panel font problem (smoothing and incorrect size!) Pls help

    Hi there, just installed CS4 on my Snow Leopard Mac, did all the updates, and still can't have the Flash CS4 action panel to display correctly; it's supposed to be the same as in CS3 "Monaco 9", but...
  2. Help with dynamic textfield - needs to display english AND chinese characters


    I need dynamic editable textfields to display chinese characters as well as "regular" (english) characters. If I paste chinese characters in the Flash IDE (CS3 Mac), they show up, but once I...
  3. Ok, thanks for your answer; I'm suprised there's...

    Ok, thanks for your answer; I'm suprised there's no native equivalent for this...
  4. how to eval (calculate) a variable? Simple, please help

    Hi there!

    This must be a pretty dumb question, but I'm relatively new to AS3, and my searches didn't help me.

    say I load a variable (via php, i.e.), and I want my code to "interpret" (or...
  5. PRINTJOB prints pixelated VECTOR graphics, why? Tks for your help!

    Hello, I have a Flash presentation with vector elements (dynamic text fields, vectors shapes etc...) and the clip is resized according to the screen's dimensions (it's a DVD-based presentation).
  6. Thread: PrintJob

    by davidesieb

    hello there, as anyone figured out why the print...

    hello there, as anyone figured out why the print function produces completely blurred (pixelated) prints? (even if the objects printed are vectors) ? Is it only on macs? Thanks for your help!
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    Hello, thanks for your answer; the e.target.data...

    Hello, thanks for your answer; the e.target.data key and vars [key] is exactly what I was looking for; thanks a lot!
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    identify variables via URLRequest?


    I'm retrieving variables from a DB via PHP via the URLRequest, and the formatting is set to variables (URLLoaderDataFormat.VARIABLES) and matches the structure...
  9. Ok, thank you

    Ok, thank you
  10. .mov In Flash Dvd Presentation? Help...

    Hi there!

    I need to create a flash-based company presentation which will run on a DVD-Rom; what's the way of playing external videos (.mov) inside of the presentation, since it seems to be...
  11. what font for multilingual site (including japanese) ? Pls help...

    Hi there!

    We have a flash website that loads all the data (texts, labels, alerts, everything...) out of XML files; and the user can switch between languages (EN, DE, ES, FR) at anytime, and it...
  12. ok, thanks, I hoped there would be some other...

    ok, thanks, I hoped there would be some other way, but that's ok
  13. He?

    Could someone give me a hint? Thanks! ; )
  14. dynamic photo album with image resize (suggestions)

    Hi there,

    I'm quite used to loading external jpgs on a swf, no pro, but I want to do a better photo album which will fit the window (this means that on a small window the photo would be e.g. 600px...
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