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  2. hmm...i guess that sounds good 1,000 dollars....

    hmm...i guess that sounds good 1,000 dollars.
    plus the fees to hook it up.
    I just didn't want to turn any heads away, thats all
    thanks for the feedback. I think i will quote at 1,000 with ...50...
  3. how much do i charge for this project ?, $750.00 ? or more ??????????????????????????

    Hopefully my fellow flash kitters can help me figure this out, this is my first offical corperate project.

    well doing this project is for a new local wild noodles franchise,
    here are the project...
  4. My 100th post celebration YAY!!! ( Thanks to Flashkitters, and mods)

    If your reading this....this is my hundreadth post and i thought i make it special and thank all the mods. and everyone for posting tutorials and answering questions. Thanks to you guys its only been...
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    Well hmm... about 50 people looked at your site...

    Well hmm... about 50 people looked at your site and browsed this link today..cuz you want feed back..im the 49th , and explain why you have no comments lol.

    Well for one...the preloader is pretty...
  6. the homepage is horrid.. lol dude take that...

    the homepage is horrid.. lol

    dude take that big pixelated butterfly out...its not a vector graphic..., so when you stretched it , it then became pixelated.

    navigation is nice..with the...
  7. humble site review, need feed back.

    Well...im changining my site from this
    to this www.vpactive.com/vpnewwebsite.html

    I guess the colors seem alil tacky on www.vpactive.com/vpnewwebsite.html , also i was...
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    $name = $_POST["name"];
    $email = $_POST["email"];
    $message = str_replace("\r", "\n", $_POST["message"]);
    mail("you@yoursite.com", "Contact form", "Contact form filled by
    Name: $name
  9. I got the code and the php stuff... but how do...

    I got the code and the php stuff...

    but how do i create the content in the flash to support the php

    i don't know how to code the little dynamic text boxes.

    like for the first box i just want...
  10. Mail form php , did a few tut. anyone got a simple way to just make a php mail form ?

    anyone got any simple tutorial that goes thru how to make a php ...mail form... ?

    also wanted to get some feed back on my new site and which one you guys like better

    new one...
  11. hmm... using the same ease tool that flash gives...

    hmm... using the same ease tool that flash gives you and turning up the fps...to create a similar effect.

    I am wondering..possibley is this how you get a smooth transition only using action script...
  12. hmm no answers ?

    hmm no answers ?
  13. hmm... somebody must know a way to add some type...

    hmm... somebody must know a way to add some type of AS to a tween...
    to make a smooth transition from begining frame to the final ending frame of the tween.

    Can you other flash kitters place the...
  14. adding actionscript to a tween to make a Motion SMOOTH without using ease in propert.

    I want to know how people make there tweens soooo smooth
    i play around with the ease in the properties panel.. and it helps but the effect is not as seemless as other effects i have seen.

    i have...
  15. on (release) gotoAndplay (Scene2,1); ???? applying this to a button..

    im trying to add actionscript to a button to get it to go to the next scene...

    my code is not working...obviusly somethings wrong

    on(release) gotoAndPlay (Scene2,1);

  16. on press of button i wannt the user to go to the next Scene, how do i do this ?

    im trying to basically make a button and when pressed its pressed to to the next scene

    i tryed this

    on(release) gotoAndPlay (Scene2,1);

    whats wrong with that ...?
    im using flash mx 2004...
  17. Does firefox prevail Aol Error and why there browser sucks, won't support godaddy.com

    Well, I called up www.godaddy.com which is one of the biggest hosting sites and domain name providers.

    I had there sales person tell me...there site is asp intense in the log in and they always...
  18. employer called me , asked how much pay does flash developer get ?

    I told the employer that ...flash developers get 20 25 $ hour..or project based.

    she was looking for flash developer with 5 years experience.. also in html, and xml.

    is that fair ?

  19. the computer isn't the server....im talking about...

    the computer isn't the server....im talking about hosting some where

    basically how do i tell the server to print the form when its submited.

    which would then print out on my fax or print out...
  20. when people click submit on a form on my website i want it to print out on my printer

    When people click...submit on a form.....when they fill it out ..
    i want it to print on my computer or fax how do i do this ????????????????

    If someone can help me set this up...ill be glad...to...
  21. how can you automatically get a server to print a form when submited

    need help

    trying to figure out when a ...person submits a form , how do you get it to tell tell server to print the form out to a fax machine automatically.
  22. trick situation, client wants someone to submit a form and have it print on fax

    i got a restaruant owner that wants me to make a form...
    of listed items, so people can order food by fax.

    click submit after filling out the form

    and the form he wants it to print out on his...
  23. Pay Pal And Flash???? How Does It Work ???

    i gotta put a pay pal thing on this non profit site for registration for a church ministry site.
    any tutorials or anything , so i can see how i can set this up ...or any examples. ???

    basically i...
  24. How can i make a auto run cd rom ????>>>>>>>>>>>>>>???>

    basicaly want to make a cd rom (presentation)...when you put the cd in i want it to automatically run.

    how do i need to do this... with my big presentation flash file
  25. printing a tag at kinkos...print shop...RESOLUTION QUESTION FOR PHOTOSHOP

    when at kinkos printing out this tag...

    guy told me to make the dpi...or whatever resolution in photoshop..
    to be 200 .

    it came out pixelated.....

    lady then told me to do it at 300 .

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