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    dynamic text to image??

    Is there a way to copy or to convert a dynamic text to an image, bitmap or clipmovie???
    After some imput information, I need to manipulate the text result as if it were an image.
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    problem with variables


    I am working with several external swf files. Each one has a variable I need to read and its identifire is related to the page name "pag_1", "pag_2", "pag _3" ...... "pag_50".

    I know that...
  3. [F8] problems using sound from an external library

    I am working with an embedded movie with its own sound. In some part of the movie I try to play an mp3 sound from an external library.

    The first time I play it, the mp3 doesn’t sound, but if...
  4. ¿How can I use and play a swf that is in a swf library?

    ¿How can I use and play a swf that is in a swf library?
    I have used MovieClipLoader to load a external swf file in the computer, but if it is in a external SWF library.
    I try to insert it like a...
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