You should uninstall any version of Swish 1.5 before you install this version.

How does it work?
- Add an image using Modify->Insert Image or click the picture icon on the toolbar.
- Only "simple" effects can be applied to images. That is, effects above the separator line on the Add Effect menu.
- When you click on a Text object the Image tab is grayed-out.
- When you click on an Image object the Text tab is grayed-out.

Things to be done:
- Replace the Text/Image tabs with a single tab.

- There appears to be a bug in the Flash Player that causes certain images to "jump" when the image changes from 99% opaque to 100% opaque. It is evident in the standalone player as well, but behaves slightly differently. I might be able to come up with a fix, but don't count on it.

Cheers, David.

[Edited by David Michie on 07-23-2000 at 08:00 PM]