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Thread: cgi, perl books - have they changed or should i get the old one?

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    The Slinkiest FatPig there is!

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    Aug 2000
    there is a series of books that i like to get

    they have all be helpfull but im thinking of a cgi perl book
    but the one in mind is from late 98' and as far as computers good thats a long time

    so has the launguage changed much ?
    would i be missing out with this book

    if not can you guys sugest a good book to look into
    I want something kinda cheap. The one i was looking at is
    30bones canadian and 20 american
    I dont need anything too advanced, just somthing to get me started

    THANKS :

    BTW its the one by peach pit press "cgi-perl: visual quick start"

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    Oct 2000
    perl is at ver 5.6 as far as i know. so a book from '98 (not sure which version was out then) will defiantly be lacking in some areas, and completely missing new additions.

    peach pit press books are fair at best. they are good for someone who just wants a peek at what the subject is about (i.e. perl). they lack comprehensive insight and explanation.

    O'Reilly http://www.oreilly.com/ is by far and away the best line of books about subjects they cover. they will take you from "i wish i knew this" to "perl?, no problem". they have a bunch of books about perl, depending on which angle you want to hit. since you are starting out i would suggest possibly "Programming Perl, 3rd Edition". once you learn the basics there are at least 15 other perl books published by O'Reilly that will take you to the level of technical expertise you desire.

    Peach Pit on the other hand, seems to rush out their material to be the first book on the market about the subject. they also fail to release revised editions or release new books covering the latest and greatest. Don't get me wrong, i'm not flat out saying Peach Pit sucks, the material in the book is informative, but if you want the "definitive guide", you want O'Reilly, and no i don't work for them , i have just used them over and over again, and have never been let down. I currently own 13 O'Reilly books and 2 Peach Pit press books (well 1 really, i just gave one away because it was of no use to me) get my point?

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    The Slinkiest FatPig there is!

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    Aug 2000
    i agree that the peach pit books are alittle on the basic
    side. But i find i like to learn the basics from those books and seem to get a good start
    then I use internet resorses to learn the advanced

    from what i have seem most toutorials are geared for an intermediat person

    but i will have alook into those books

    there quit expencive though but i guess thats what it takes

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