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Thread: browser compatability question

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    okay, so you got your website finished. the problem is...it doesn't work right in all browser. netscape shows it very wrong and ie -5 shows it wrong too. what would you do? how can you make your site work in all browser? how can you check if your site is right in older version if the browser you have in your pc is the latest one?

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    Don't use the latest state of the art software until it's fully integrated into society. I'm still using Flash4. I usually wait till there's a .1 after any new version. Why should I be the one to find everybody's bugs for them? As a web publisher you get tired of hearing complaints from people who are still running AOL 3.0 on Windows 95 on a 386. And those are the clients!
    Unless of course you like only reaching 10% of your audience.

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    I would have your friends that have any of the older programs check it out for you. another way you can get around the whole thing, is make a list of requirements on your splash page that list what your page is viewable in

    Internet explorer 4.0+

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