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Thread: scrolling menubar - PLEEEEEZ HELP!

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    i want to have a menu that has eight images (thumbnails) with space only for four. as i move my mouse to the left side, i want the menu to scroll to the right and show the others and similarily when i move it to the right the menu should scroll to the left. i have seen this effect on many sites but have no idea how to do it.

    can someone help!


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    marker = _root._mousex;
    hX = getProperty("/tumbs", _x);
    difference = markerX-hX;
    move = differenceX/5;
    setProperty ("/weeRed", _x, Number(hX)+Number(move));
    this would be good as an onClipEvent on thumbs or as a seperation actionScript movie

    hope this helps

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