Please post your favorite flash designer and his/her home site. Also, what you think of their work.

I would say my favorite is Eric Jordan.

The reason I like him is because his work is very actionpacked and smooth which are the most important things about flash to me.

There is lots of things I dont like about his work though.
He is getting really repetative and all of his work is the same. If I see something he made I can tell it was made by him before I actually find out. His work is very easy to recognize and he uses the same techniques over and over so I am getting fed up with him. He isn't creative anymore.
He always does these things over and over.
-uses bars moving back and forth over an object
-has arrows everywhere, look at anythig he has made, arrows everywhere!
-puts in really small text for decoration
-flashes a jpeg around a square
There is lots of other small stuff too.
His work is my favorite, but Im getting tired of him. Its always the same stuff with a diff color and name.
There are all the same site with diff colors and names. That's all.