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Thread: menu drop down

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    I am working on a drop down menu and having some difficulty. The swf can be viewed at http://www.teamtki.com/portfolio/flash/nav1.html

    My problem is making the sub navigation go away when the mouse isn't over it. I used the on (rollout) for each of the sub nav, but found that it occurred as soon as 'Direction' wasn't moused over. Also, I want to keep the sub nav visible when the user mouses over 'Security Services'. Currently, it start the animation over.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Look at movies, interfaces, menus - page 4 horizontal meny system. In particular look at the hit state of the menu. You will see a large hit state over the entire menu when moused over causes the mc to play and closes the menu.


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    a fairly solid way to do it is by having a layer under the others with an invisible button on it whose only purpose is to reset the menu on rollout. I found this on a webmonkey tutorial, which describes it better than i could. check it out:


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