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Thread: Tweening question

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    I have been having this problem using tweening in Flash 5. I have a movie clip where all I am trying to do is take a group of buttons and move them from the left side to the right side of the screen. I put the buttons on the screen, insert a keyframe 20 frames later, move them to the left and then create a motion tween. Unfortunately, when I run the clip, the buttons begin to move, but downwards diagonally and then disappear off the screen. Then at the last second, they appear in the spot where I originally wanted them to be. What could I be doing wrong? Also, whenever I create the motion tween, and object called tween1 shows up in my library. What is this object? Thanks for any help...

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    your answer

    There is one thing you dont want to do in flash, and thats have more then one motion tween in one layer. Have each button on a different layer and motion tween each layer.
    You have already seen the result it causes when you have more then one motion tween within one layer.

    Hope thats what you are looking for.

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    you can but...

    ....Also, whenever I create the motion tween, and object called tween1 shows up in my library.

    When you see that stupid tween1 in your library something is wrong.
    Be sure not to use copy and paste your object, before; if you didn`t do it, perhaps you must try to delete all frames
    and restart doing the motion tween, because flash 4 often cause this problem (what do you use, 4 or 5?) .
    I have done this similar motion of four buttons first by creating a movie clip, and then dragging the buttons from the library; then I create the motion to the movie clip, not to the buttons, but check this: when you are on the main timeline, right click on the buttons and be sure that
    "track as button" is checked. (I don-t remind well, but it seems that during the test these buttons wouldn`t be clicked normally)


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