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Thread: How do you use Telltarget?

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    Thanks for the earlier help. I have one more thing I was wondering. I made a movie clip called GoHome which is just the word HOME and the letters shake around a bit, then stop. What I want is to put that clip onto my scene and when the user rolls over it, it plays. To do this, I put a stop action on the first frame of the movie clip and placed it onto the scene. Then I made a button that is the size of the word, and made it's alpha 0 so you couldn't see it. When you rollover the button, I tried to tell target "GoHome" to play. This hasn't worked and I tried a few other things but still don't know how to do it. Am I going about this wrong, or am I just missing something?

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    Double click on the movie clip gohome and give the mc an instance name. Then in the telltarget, the target should be the instance name of the mc

    say the instance name is home:

    on (release)
    begin tell target("home")
    end tell target
    end on

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