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Thread: no window resize

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    the traveler
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    k.. wondering if there's a way to keep a user from resizing a projector window?

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    Any answer to this?

    This is exactly the question I was wondering as well. Is there a way to disable the screen resize in a projector without third-party tools? Can Resource Hacker do this?


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    You can set the Projector to Full Screen and remove the Minimize, Restore , Close Buttons from the with Resource Hacker- That is the only way I can think of doing it without a third party tool- even then you are using a third paerty tool, Resource Hacker, so there is No Way to do it without a third party tool.

    You can however use the AllowScale FS Command to keep your images the same size so they don't degrade. This will not prevent them from rersizing the projector window it will stop your images from scaling.

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