First of all, let me say that Flashkit is THE premier site for Flash developers (at least in my eyes). And I still love it, but I have recently become disturbed by a couple of trends:

1) Quanity over quality! I don't care for this trend. As I examine FLA movies and even games on this site I am disturbed by the number of half-cooked, half-done, and sometimes downright sloppy work/examples that you are allowing to be posted. Are these really intended to help people? I consider myself fairly well-versed in Flash, but even I get frustrated at trying to find a decent example in the movies section that will CLEARLY demostrate how to achieve an effect. There are simply too many movies that are ill-constructed burying all of the true gems. If you wish to continue on this trend, I think you need to create two major divisions out of the movies section: "Movies for Learning Flash" and "Movies that Prove that Flashkit will Post ANYONE'S Work, No Matter How Crappy It Is". I'm sorry about that last one being so harsh, but as there are more and more Flash developers that use this site, I only see the trough being filled with more and more slop. Please keep it cleaned up by tightening up your review process. The examples on this site should HELP people, not confuse them further; nor should they be used to show off "works in progress" (that's what the Board's Site Check is for).

2) Tutorials that advertise things! What's with this one? Why have we seen at least 2 (maybe more?) advertisements/reviews/internet-instruction-thingies in the tutorials section lately? Call them what you want, they are NOT tutorials!!!! Once you open the door for this kind of thing, where does it end? I want to read Flash tutorials in the Tutorials section and that's it! Please keep the book reviews and other non-tutorials elsewhere.

I hope you will please consider these concerns. I simply think you are opening the doors too wide that will soon result in an orderly site being turned into mush. I do not want to see this happen. Perhaps there needs to be a re-evaluation of the review process. Maybe there could be a review process that would require submitters to post their work on the board and have it be "approved" by, say 2 moderators before it is accepted for official posting. Just a suggestion...