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Thread: please help me to do buttons please

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    buttons like eye4u.com? help me creating them!

    how do i create buttons and animations like eye4u
    help me
    i need it urgently
    please help

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    Timeline,Frame No.260
    make a new movieclip....do your animation...
    come to the button and in the over state drag this movie clip
    now when ever the over state is active the animation will go
    and the sound can be added to the over state too

    hope this is usefull

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    not that easy

    it isnt that easy
    i have 4 states i agree
    the first state -normal
    second- mouse over
    third-mouse down
    fourth-hit(the hit area)
    thats ok
    as to what u say
    i have done this already
    the problem is when i move my mouse out
    the cirlces come back bluntly
    its not like how it goes in the mouse over state
    i want it to came back slowly to normal
    if only buttons had extra state the roll out
    i tried using movie clips too
    like having three frames and calling each animation ie
    static mouse over and mouse out in each frame
    when mouse overed in first frame i say goto and play frame2 but after second ie when i am at second and say on mouse out go to three then how do i come to the first state

    tough isint it
    but thanx for looking into the matter!
    wish someone could help!

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    can any one help me !

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