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Thread: Newbie Question (rotation)

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    As a newbie, Flash is fustrating and confusing. i have livemotion and learned it very quick and i am pleased with it, unfortunally, its very limiting. so here i am in flash. all i would like to do is rotate an image 360 degrees. i can do it 180, but every time i go above 180, it subtracts it from 360. ex. 200=-20. I come from the print world, so 200 is 200 and 360 is a full circle. i tried negatives, dont work. -20 is 20 deegrees counter clockwise.
    how can i get an object to rotate a full 360 circle? and once someone explains it, why?
    (i looked at manuals, help, websites and i am even a subscriber to the online flash training.)
    thanks all!

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    resolved I`ll try to help

    Pick the object you are going to rotate, make a small animation of it, then go to the "Frames" panel, pick rotate and than choose cw or ccw!

    Good Luck!

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    thank you! *NM*


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