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Thread: Flash Footers in your email ??????????????????????????????????????????????

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    Does anyone know how to imbed flash footers like you see here in flashkit into your email (outlook express)

    into your signiture or something?


    someone MUST know

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    upload your footer on a server, then put on the bootom of your mail the following line:
    <embed src="URL" height="x" width="y">

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    resolved OR

    Or you can go into flash, open your footer, choose publish settings and the check gif.

    Good Luck

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    Didnt work Unfotunatley

    just came out as text and the URKL was a link

    Ill keep trying thanks

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    I tried a number of ways to get a Flash file into the body of an email (Outlook 2000)... without sucess.

    Even if you create an HTML page with the file in there, it won't work.

    I wouldn't reccomend the URL option. Takes too long to download after the email has arrived...

    I ended up going the GIF...


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    cheers for that

    it was a good idea anyway

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    someone in the coffee lounge can do it - but i don't now who - try a search - thats has been asked many times - or post there!

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    Lightbulb It can be done..................

    Here is where I've answered the question before, this is how to do it in outlook but it should work anywhere that uses html email, ie yahoo, outlook, aol 6.0 only


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