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Thread: Embedding Video - AVI, Real Video, QT???

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    Is there any way to embed a video into flash. I don't necessary want to convert to swf, but rather an embedded video sitting in a flash.


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    2 ways

    You can publish a quicktime movie with the flash functions in it which will play with the quicktime plug-in. This method allows you to leave buttons and animations in, but will load to a page as a quicktime movie, not a flash. mov not swf in other words.
    Or you can import the movie and export it as a jpg series in flash or any other program for that matter, and re-import in to flash as a bmp. series which will embed it into the actual swf file. To do this though you must have as many frames of video as you have selected when you import.
    Or you can use after effects 5.0 (i think in beta for one more week before the official release) and it will export quicktime movies as .swf files (though they are kinda big as it converts frame by frame).

    I'm not an expert, but I hope this helps.

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    check http://www.flashants.com if you work on pc

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